What Really Goes Into Nestle Breakfast Cereals?

Make your own breakfast cereal

Do you know your Vitamin A from Wholegrain when it comes to the most important meal of the day? Here is what I found out from my time with the team from Nestle Breakfast Cereals.

One chilly Monday in November, after dropping the girls at nursery, I set off to join a bunch of fabulous bloggers from Mexico, Romania, Poland, Malaysia and the UK for a couple of nights in the Cotswolds at Thyme.

The Glam Mummy

Over the three days with the Nestle Breakfast Cereals team, I was in for a lot of fun. Nevermind the gorgeous location and fantastic meals, I joined my fellow bloggers for an expert cookery course, a food styling masterclass by a world-famous photographer, time with the in-house nutritionist AND a spa experience.

If you are going to leave your kids for anything, this would be it…

What Really Goes Into Nestle Breakfast Cereals?

Other than what sounded like a wonderful time away from London, I will tell you what really interested me about this short break.

I wanted to know what really goes into Nestle Breakfast Cereals.

Parents are faced with the overwhelming choice in a supermarket and it is up to us to make sure we know exactly what our kids are eating and using as fuel to keep them going during the day.

A Q&A session with the Nestle nutritionist gave us all a clearer idea of what goes into the Nestle Breakfast Cereals but also what they have been working very hard to take out (i.e. sugar).

I learnt that every box of cereal consists only of wholegrains. This is easily identified by the green banner that sits across the top of the box of all Nestle Breakfast Cereals.

The infographic below gave me an idea of what Nestle Breakfast Cereals is doing to improve the breakfasts the provide:

less sugar in nestle breakfast cereal

My Attempt at Making Nestle Breakfast Cereals

Nestle Breakfast Cereals

Make your own cereal Nesquik balls

Now, if what goes into Nestle Breakfast Cereals is simple ingredients, then surely it would not be that hard to recreate one of them myself.

We were set the challenge to make one of our favourite Nestle Breakfast Cereals. We were given a recipe card, access to necessary ingredients and a professional chef’s kitchen. I was told that the most straightforward recipe is the Nestle Cheerios but being one who loves a little challenge, I chose to make Nestle Nesquik cereal which is the most difficult of the cereals…

Bad decision because those little chocolate balls tool FOREVER to make but they looked pretty authentic in the end. Don’t ask me how they tasted because my fellow bloggers will tell you that they were inedible.

Nevertheless, the point was proven. Nestle Breakfast Cereals are made of real ingredients and could be made at home (with much practice in my case!).

Other Nestle Breakfast Cereals Recipes

Catepillar bread catepillar bread recipe Catepillar bread

On to my success in the Nestle kitchen -Wholegrain Caterpillar Bread!

Again, I took on one of the trickier recipes, but I have never made bread before and its something that I have always wanted to do.

The recipe consists of the deconstructed ingredients of Nestle Breakfast Cereals (i.e. wholemeal flour) plus eggs, yeast etc.

I have to say that I was really chuffed with the end result and it was totally edible.

The Glam Mummy and The London Mummy The Glam Mummy and The Glam Mummy and

So a big thank you to Nestle Breakfast Cereals for a fantastic few days. I made great friends with like-minded people from around the world and have a new-found love and respect for Nestle Nesquik Cereal.




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