What is in my handbag for August?


I often come across things that I absolutely love and use on a regular basis. They usually live in my handbag (which is a GLAMbag, naturally) because it is with me at all times and I can whip these things out as and when I need them. And here they are for August:

1. Aubaine handbag hold

IMG_2437One of my favourite coffee and pastry establishments in London. Laid back French-style dining which always has delish treats and pastries. At the most recent bloggers breakfast they gave us each one of these handbag holders*.  I collect these nifty devices and  tend to have one stored in each of my handbags. It allows me to hang my bag off the edge of a table to preserve the bottom of the bag and safeguard it from sneaky thieves. Thanks Aubaine! Great gift. Visit Aubaine for some tasty treats.

2. Nivea Sun Kids SPF 50+


With all the glorious weather we have had in London and my recent trips to away sunscreen is an absolute must for myself and Bug. I picked it up at Boots and it is a spray which makes application a lot easier. It is also fragrance, preservative and colourants free which makes it suitable for Bug’s sensitive baby skin.

3. Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick


I LOVE red lipstick and this Estee Lauder Scarlet Siren lipstick is one hot number. I bought this for two glam events in the last month; a wedding reception at 1 Mayfair and a 30th birthday party at a Chateau in Champagne. It is smooth, long-lasting and vibrant. I now carry it around in my bag and whip it out to glam up any old glum day.

4. Oakley Frogskins


In my childhood my sister and I called this type of reflective glasses ‘check-me-check-you-back’s”. I had a pair as a kid and I recently spotted a guy walking down the street in a pair of Oakley Frogskins, I rushed out to get some. They come in an array of coloured lenses and frames and are awesome giving someone the once over without being noticed. Furthermore, the arms pop on and off quite easily which is a bonus if they land in the hands of a baby.

 5. Ellas Kitchen Yum Yummy Milk and Vanilla Cookies


My little Bug is teething at the moment and everything she can get her hands on goes straight into the mouth. These Ella’s Kitchen biscuits are great as they break down easily and so are gently on teething gums. They are organic, have no nasties and fit nicely in my handbag.

6. MAM Bite and Relax Teether


The kind people at MAM sent a few goodies over and this teether* is always in my bag. Lots of knobbly bits for her to chew on and is designed to soothe the gums when the front teeth are coming through. A big reason I love MAM is that a lot of their products, including this teether, come with a sterilising box. All you have to do is add some water, place the teether in the box and pop it in the microwave. Simple. Thank you MAM!

7. Tangle Teezer


I already have a couple of handbag-size Tangle Teezers but spotted this spotted one (that just made me laugh – spotted this spotted one…) and somehow justified that I needed it because I was going on a safari holiday. Ridiculous reason for another hairbrush but it now has a happy home in my handbag.

And that is what I have in my handbag this month. Hope you find these as useful and glam as I do.

xxx TGM xxx



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