Ultimate Glam Indulgence at the Jo Malone Spa

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All girls need a bit of pampering now and again and last week I really needed it. My daughter started nursery at the beginning of the week and I was preparing for my return to work after a year off. With emotions all over the place, I stumbled into the Jo Malone store just off Sloane Square looking for a treat to lift my spirits.

I was welcomed into the store with big smiles and warm words and immediately felt my low mood evaporate. Whilst a treatment specialist soothed me with a complimentary hand scrub and massage, I found out all about an exclusive spa tucked away at this store. And only at this store in London.

It is not often advertised and is there to offer a something a little special for customers in the know. They only offer two treatments – a Facial and a Body Treatment which are 1.5 hours long and they are the ultimate pamper sessions.

Nice touch!

Nice touch!

I booked myself in for later that week and could not wait to drift away into a fragranced cloud whilst being pampered. Upon arrival you need to complete a short questionnaire as you would with all spas. A nice little touch is some lemon water in a branded cup and delicious bonbons to nibble on.

The treatment room

The treatment room

The room is warm, with cozy colours and inviting. The therapist takes 15 minutes to get to know you, how your week has been, your skin care regimen, what you would like to get out of the treatment etc. This may seem a bit much to those of you who just want to check in and get on with it but I can’t tell you what a difference it made to me. You feel like they actually get to know you and why you are there to get pampered. A lift me up (as in my case), pre party pampering perhaps (try say that really fast), or just your regular beauty routine.

A nice touch - a bag to store your jewellry

A nice touch – a bag to store your jewellry

I had the facial and actually fell asleep during the treatment. This has never happened to me as I usually spend my time making to-do lists and solving the worlds problems. I then woke up to me being spritzed with the most amazing combination of fragrances which the therapist and I had chosen during the consultation.

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I absolutely loved the treatment and went on to purchase the latest Peony and Blush Suede Cologne as an early birthday present to myself. I walked out of the store feeling completely glam yet relaxed.

My only wish is that this blog post had a scratch and sniff element to it as the photos really don’t do this service enough justice. Oh well, I suppose you will just have to experience it for yourself then.

What you need to know: You will need to book in advance. Each treatment is £125 or you could choose an Express Facial for £65. You can purchase a programme of five treatments and get the sixth free.

You can find out more here at the Jo Malone website.

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2 thoughts on “Ultimate Glam Indulgence at the Jo Malone Spa

  1. Andrea Mooney

    Hi There

    I’m really interested in having a Jo Malone Facial in london but cant seem to Find the actual contact details ie address contact number,can you please help me,

    Many Thanks

    1. Emma Post author

      Hi Andrea,

      I believe Jo Malone recently closed down their beauty room. I used to go to the one at the Sloane Square store.

      Have you tried a QMS facial? QMS is a great brand and also in Sloane Square. I swear by the Oxygen facial.



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