A pair of shoes that all Glam Mummies need


I am the biggest fan of heels. Dainty deliciousness for the feet that enhances the sway of a woman’s hips and elongates her legs. Hard not to love them. But as I approached motherhood I came to realise that heels have their time and their place in my life as a mum. Manolos, Louboutins and Choos will always be coveted but I am always on the lookout for fabulous footwear for when heels will not suffice.

Let me introduce you to Tod’s Ballerina Flats.

Everyone is familiar with Tod’s leather driving shoes. I have a couple of pairs in my cupboard and they go well with jeans and cropped trousers. They are so comfy and I usually wear them when travelling.

Let me introduce you to my latest investment… Tod’s Ballerina Flats.


They incorporate elements of the well-known driving shoes with the rubber pebble soles and fine quality leather yet have a more feminine touch with the ballerina shoe style.

They also fold up really easily and come with a nifty satin bag. This is GREAT for preggy ladies and busy Glam Mummies as you can store them in your bag (at work/at a wedding/whenever) and can whip them out when you need some flat, comfy shoes.

I chose a pair from the two different ballerina looks. The brown pumps with the metal shoelace clasps…


… and the nude pumps with the metallic panel and front buckle.


Chic, minimalist yet glam.

xxx TGM xxx


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