Here is Why The White Company Skincare Collection Rocks

The White Company Skincare collection launched earlier this year and is praised by both beauty bloggers and magazine editors.

The White Company’s new beauty line is created by DECIEM (also known as the Abnormal Beauty Company). DECIEM is world-renowned for their breakthroughs in beauty because their products are based on natural chemistry and scientific technology.

I was introduced to a DECIEM brand last year, called NIOD, and am still using their effective Multi Molecular Hylaluronic Complex as part of my daily skin care.

Knowing what I already know about DECIEM, I think that the partnership The White Company has taken with them is very clever one because this new beauty collection will joining the ranks of high-tech skin care.

My Choice of The White Company Skincare collection

When offered three items to try out myself from the new beauty line and I chose the ones that I would have purchased myself. These are products that I use daily in other brands and therefore could do a like-for-like comparison.

The white company beauty

The White Company Super Balm, Super Serum and Advanced Hydration

Deciem and the white company The White Company Super Serum

The White Company Super Balm (£25)

I love a daily cleanser that does not foam. This is so important for my skin because soap-based cleansers and face washes dry my T-zone out like crazy. I can’t stand the tight feeling I get with those sorts of products and avoid them at all costs.

I find the Super Balm is really good at removing eye make-up and washes off easily. I would go so far as saying it hydrates the skin slightly too.

The White Company Advanced Hydration (£30)

This is my favourite of the three White Company beauty products tested. It is rich and provides moisture for ages without giving me an oily face.

I like to apply moisturiser just before foundation and find some moisturisers make my make up slide off within minutes (not what a busy mama needs!). This moisturiser acts like a primer which is why it works perfectly with make up.

The White Company Super Serum (£40)

These days I tend to try out serums more than I have ever before in attempt to delay the ageing process (gasp). I chose this serum as it promises to renew the skin and help retain moisture. I did find it a bit sticky but applied Advanced Hydration moisturiser straight after so it didn’t end up being an issue.

The White Company Advanced Skincare range also includes a Night Oil, Eye Revive and Hand Elixir. A total of 6 beauty products that make up the essentials for every day skin care maintenance and care.

You can find out more and purchase the The White Company Skincare collection in store or online


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