Taking Willabeans on Safari

Safari with Kids

A wonderful thing about growing up in South Africa is the access we have to safari parks. I now get to take my girls each year and on our most recent trip we ‘bush tested’ their Willabeans Desert Boots.

Many of my childhood holidays were spent with my family on safari – or as us South African’s call it, going to ‘the bush’. Just like European kids are familiar with great European cities, I grew up spotting lion, leopard, elephant and rhino in the bush.

Safari in south africa

Willa Beans on Safari

Another part of my childhood, are shoes we called ‘velskoen’ which is Afrikaans for ‘leather shoes’. They are commonly worn by farmers and often by game rangers in the bush because they are hardy and long-lasting.

And so, our most recent trip to South Africa was a blast from my past. Taking my girls on safari to spot wild animals in the bush AND they donned their very first pair of velskoen. PINK velskoen (desert boots) from Willabeans.

Willabeans is a UK-based company stared by Clare, a mum of two kids. She has created a line of leather boots for little ones that are made in Spain.

What I especially love about the girls’ new Willabeans Desert Boots is:

  • Velcro Fastening which is perfect for little people
  • Rubber Soles providing excellent grip
  • The Pink Option for my two little divas who wouldn’t be caught in khaki/camel

I’m looking forward to trying these boots out in the UK winter as an alternative to their annual Ugg winter shoe option. Hopefully I can encourage them to try the navy Willabeans Desert Boots…


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