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I have hundreds, no…. thousands of photos of my girls. I recently found myself staring at a blank laptop screen thinking I had lost every single photo of my children. This is how I know that I have over 30,000 family photos and that I do not feature in many of those photos.

How To Lose Every Photo Of Your Kids

In a moment of madness I upgraded my Mac software to Yosemite without backing up my laptop or reviewing the software upgrade. What I thought was going to be a painless upgrade that would give me efficiencies and new features actually resulted in me thinking I had lost all the photos I had ever saved in iPhoto over the past 4 years.

In actual fact, and after a little jiggling here and there, my photos had not disappeared. They were hidden in the depths of my laptop and the techno-savvy people at Apple helped me find them. But for what felt like a significant amount of time (a few days) my heart hit the floor and stayed there.

What I learnt through this heart-stopping and tearful exercise

1. Backup, backup, back up. I now back up to 2 external hard drives and to the iCloud religiously.

2. Do your research before you upgrade your software. Yes, yes, yes I know that this is a cardinal rule but I’m a mum surviving on little sleep. Leave me alone.

3. I have OVER 30,000 PHOTOS of my children and my eldest is not yet 3!

4. I have HARDLY ANY PHOTOS of myself or my husband and I together!!!

How Did It End Up Like This?

Well, all mums snap pics of their kids. It’s a knee-jerk reaction to reach for your iPhone when your kids does something cute. Awwww… she’s taking her first steps, let me take a gazillion pics and a few videos until I run out of storage space on my phone.

Also, as a blogger, I will take snap after snap after snap of products/my kids/food/anything until I get the right light, frame and moment for the picture to be blog-worthy.

But where are the photos of me and my hubster?

It’s common sense that if I am the one taking the photo then I am not in the photo. I have heaps of pics with my girls with their dad, the girls with their grandparents, the girls with whomever is with us. But very few of me and my girls.

The same goes for photo’s with me and my husband. I am so busy taking photos of him fishing, sleeping, playing with the girls that there are few of us together these days.

I Am Now Shamelessly Taking Selfies

In order to capture more memories on camera of me with my family I am going to resort to taking selfies. And I will do it shamelessly because it is important for me to be able to look back in 5, 10, 20 years time and see myself as part of the memory and not the one behind the camera phone.

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