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Ladybird Wheelybug

Christmas Wishlist

On the second day Christmas Glam Mummy wishes for…

A Ladybird Wheelybug from Hippychick

Recently I eagerly awaited a delivery from the postman because I could not wait to get my hands on what was inside the box – a Ladybird Wheelybug. I’ve only recently discovered them and have only heard great things about this multiple award winning toy for young kids.

Wheelybug ladybird small review

When I opened the box, my little Bug stood for a few moments staring at this toy that was big, red and sitting motionless on our kitchen floor. “Look!”, I exclaimed, “boing, boing boing” went the feelers as I flicked them back and forth. She toddled towards the Wheelybug and now I can’t get her away from it. We’ve resorted to hiding the Wheelybug in it’s box when we need to her eat, sleep or bath.

So why is this Wheelybug a favourite in my home? Other than the one I chose being a ladybird, it is a really well made toy. I tend to stick to solid, well-designed toys which often happen to be wooden. This Wheelybug is made up of a few parts and a solid wooden base so I have no concern of fingers getting caught. It also has a padded seat that can be wiped clean.

Wheelybug ladybird small review

Wheelybug ladybug 3

The Wheelybug is multidirectional, the four clever wheels allow it to go in circles, as well as back and forth. This is great for a child’s gross motor skills and encourages them to keep going as they don’t get stuck between pieces of furniture that easily.

This is a great Christmas gift for young kids and my husband and I have given it a go too! Probably shouldn’t have.

wheelybug review

A few of the Wheelybugs that you can choose from

The Wheelybug comes in two sizes: Small for 1-3 year olds and Large for 3+ year olds. They also come in a number of different animals. Check out the Hippychick website to see the Wheelybug range.

You can also find some other great things for Christmas on the Hippychick website, such as beautiful wooden prams for little girls and a very cool wooden truck for boys to ride on.

Even more great news is that Hippychick has partnered with Cupcake members club and you will be able to get many of their great items there. Happy Christmas shopping!

What will Glam Mummy add to her wishlist on the third day of Christmas? Check out tomorrow’s post for something age defying!

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