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Only a fool would turn down an opportunity to eat chocolate for breakfast. Last week I joined a few fabulous ladies at Rococo Chocolates’ store on Motcomb Street, Knightsbridge. Chantal Coady who founded Rococo Chocolates back in 1983, hosted the scrumptious feast. We¬†got to know a bit more about her and her passion for chocolate, for which she was awarded the first OBE for chocolate making in 2014.

I experienced chocolate like never before at Rococo Chocolates. From delicious granola and yogurt with raspberries and cocoa nibs to delicate chocolate mint madeleines, all served at the back of the shop where they have a cafe. I was particularly fond of the Caramelia chocolate spread (I would have got stuck in with a spoon if no one was watching). We also sampled a “shot of chocolate” which is basically hot chocolate in an espresso cup and made only with water. It is rather intense and nowhere as sweet as traditional milky hot chocolate. I quite like it as I tend to lean towards more bitter/savoury foods if given the choice. To add to the decadence, I dunked a home made raspberry marshmallow into my chocolate shot for good measure.

Rococo chocolates Rococo chocolates Rococo chocolates Rococo chocolates Rococo chocolates

Chantal showed us some of the Easter treats that are now available, including Roald Dahl themed eggs. As we munched our way through the feast, she also shared what it was like to receive an OBE. It really warmed my heart to hear that she took her mum and mother-in-law as two of her three guests to the ceremony, much to her children’s surprise. With mum’s always being their kid’s greatest cheerleaders, its always good to hear stories of when mum’s can share in their kid’s success.

Chantal showed us around her secret garden on the ground floor where she grows gorgeous violets and customers flock for their chocolate fix in the warmer months. I know I will certainly be back!

Rococo chocolates Rococo chocolates Rococo chocolates

To find out more about Chantal, her chocolates and events, take a look at Rococo Chocolates online.



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