How To Make A Reindeer Sandwich


Lets be honest. It is a mad, mad, mad time of year. Throw kids into the mix and us mums have our hands full. Christmas shopping to finish off, a fabulous feast to prepare and family traditions to uphold. To buy myself some free time in the middle of the day, I prepare a festive packed lunch for the girls which will keep them amused (and quiet). Here is how to make a reindeer sandwich…

Capri Sun invited me to a #PackedLunchLove morning with Grace from Eats Amazing. Grace is a mum of two boys started making creative food for kids to encourage her older son to make healthy food choices. Her blog is filled with colourful and fun food ideas and it was a treat meeting her in person. Us mums got a step-by-step tutorial on how to prepare the yummiest bento-style packed lunches and some great advice, such as “add eyes to everything” and the kid’s imagination will take care of the rest.

PackedLunchLove @TheGlamMummy

Lights, cameras, action! Grace showing us her skills.

Bento lunch for kids

My little egg mouse.

Bento lunch for kids

Check me out! My woodland lunchbox.

PackedLunchLove @TheGlamMummy

Grace and I modelling our Capri Sun aprons.

Bento lunch for kids

The acorns (choc dipped grapes) were a firm favourite.

I was really impressed with my woodland-themed lunchbox. I had the little owl cheese sandwich sitting on carrot leaves. A little egg mouse with spaghetti whiskers and acorn grapes that had been dipped in chocolate. Bug tucked in like it was no ones business and washed the meal down with a Capri Sun Fruit Crush (no sugar, just fruit juice and water).

After a morning of cookie cutter sandwich making and nibbling all the scraps, I felt ready to take on the task of making a reindeer sandwich at home.

Bento lunch for kids

A few tools needed for a Reindeer Sandwich Lunchbox

Tools To Make A Reindeer Sandwich Lunchbox

  • Cookie cutters and/or mini bento shape cutters
  • Edible Ink pen to draw eyes
  • A few bright bento accessories (monkey and cherry in my pic)
  • Lunchbox
  • Sandwich basics (bread, butter, filling of choice)
  • Additional lunch snacks (Babybel cheese, fruit, yoghurt, pretzels, sliced vegetables)
  • A little imagination

Grab some lunchbox fillers.


She is actually picking off the tomato to chuck away. Just like her father.

How To Prepare A Reindeer Sandwich Lunchbox

Have some sort of idea of what you are going to prepare to avoid food wastage. Look at Eats Amazing for some inspiration or search #bentoforkids on Instagram.

Prepare it at breakfast time and store it in the fridge. It is now ready for you to grab at a moment’s notice if you need to pop out the house or can be eaten at home. Either way, when lunch time rolls around you won’t have worry about getting lunch ready.

The Sandwich

  1. Use a large circle cutter to cut a head for Rudolf out of bread. Do the same for the filling if its something like cheese or bread. Otherwise, fill with a favourite spread like Marmite.
  2. Next cut Rudolf’s snout, mouth and eyes using smaller cutter shapes. I used sliced cheese and ham.
  3. Attach the cheese and ham cut outs using butter and add detail with an edible ink pen.
  4. To finish the eyes I used a blueberry cut in half.
  5. For the nose I used half a baby tomato.
  6. End off with pretzels for antlers.

The Lunchbox

Let your imagination go wild for this part. Here is what I did:

  • Baby tomatoes and a Babybel cheese as extra Rudolf noses
  • Raisins as reindeer droppings
  • Sliced carrots as reindeer food


And ta da! The yummiest reindeer sandwich you have ever seen!

The more you practice, the quicker it is to prepare. And believe me, when lunchtime rolls around you will thank me.


Check out @Eats Amazing on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The lunchbox is from Yumbox and retails at £24.95 and is available at the Eats Amazing shop.

For more lunchbox ideas, take a look at Capri Sun Mum Zone.




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