Pram Glam Guide by Grace Woodward

Pram Glam Guide

Finally! A reliable guide on post-pregnancy fashion. Thank you, celebrity stylist and fashion commentator Grace Woodward for the Pram Glam Guide. I’ve had two kids and know firsthand that there is a period of time after having a baby when you don’t quite know what to wear. Nothing in your pre-pregnancy wardrobe fits and there are wobbly bits all over the place that need to be considered when choosing an outfit. And, dare I say it, it would be nice to look a little stylish and on trend.

Most of the advice I have been given in the past goes a little something like this: “The key is to draw attention AWAY from the flabby bits and ACCENTUATE the not-so-flabby bits”. Great. Thanks. And how exactly do I do that?

Well, Persil Non-Bio and Comfort Pure have collaborated with Grace Woodward to bring us mums the Pram Glam Guide. You will recognise Grace Woodward from Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model and she has been the Fashion Director for X Factor. She has recently become a mum herself so is in the best position to provide us mums with some post-pregancy style advice.

I’ve learnt a few post-pregnancy style tricks through trial and error over the years and am super chuffed that Grace Woodward’s Pram Glam guide includes those tips too. For example, I swear by:

1. The Shirt Dress 

Denim Shirt Dress | Topshop

Denim Shirt Dress | Topshop

I love this Denim Shirt Dress from Topshop because it is loosely tailored,  shows your figure yet it doesn’t cling to you and highlight your tummy. Also, anything with buttons down the front gets a double thumbs up for breastfeeding access.

Grace says a Shirt Dress should be a staple in a new mum’s wardrobe and easy to throw on at a moment’s notice. Grace also likes the fact it is perfect for breastfeeding.

2. Tailored jacket

Tailored Jacket | Topshop

Tailored Jacket | Topshop

A Tailored Jacket, like this Georgina Blazer from Topshop is a staple for me. It makes any casual outfit (cue leggings and T-shirt) immediately look more elegant and put together. Also, it squares off the shoulders and provides a structured shape.

Grace says a Tailored Jacket defines your figure and “wearing it over a slightly loose dress will make you feel really comfortable and at ease”.

These are two simple ways to remain comfortable yet stylish after having a baby. Check out Persil and Comfort collaboration with Grace Woodward in Pram Glam Guide for more tips on post-pregnancy style.

xxx TGM xxx

* These products have been gifted. All words are my own.

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