Supper | Personal Chef Delivery Service

I want a personal chef

I wish I had a personal chef.

Someone who has a bunch of delicious dishes up their sleeve that are ready when I am hungry and are healthy too. A home cooked meal that requires no effort on my part. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

The Supper App provides a personal chef delivery service in London.

Personal Chef Delivery London

Supper Delivery To My Door

Personal Chef Delivery London

Bok Choi and Sprouts Ready For The Pho

Personal Chef Delivery London

18 Hour Slow Cooked Beef Pho Ready To Be Assembled

Personal Chef Delivery London

One Of The Best Beef Pho I Have Eaten

Pick a chef

A team of chefs cooking delicious and nutritionally balanced meals to your door. The chefs cook a dishes for all palates, from Italian to Asian to British with fresh ingredients. Pick a chef and see what dishes they are cooking.

Select your dish

All too often we get ‘menu-fatigue’ when ordering from our favourite restaurants and wish for something a bit different. The Supper App dishes change daily ensuring a variety of options from which to choose. Had Short Rib Beef Cottage Pie yesterday? Why not try a Couscous Veggie Burger today?

Healthy, balanced dishes

All of the dishes have less than 825 calories and the team at Supper ensure that the meals do not exceed their maximum threshold for fat, sugar and salt. Read more about their in-house nutritionist and healthy meal guidelines.

Delivered to your door

All orders include free delivery to your door. Select your desired time slot and wait for the ‘knock knock’ on your door that evening. You can monitor the status of your delivery and contact the driver if need be.

To Note

  • You need to enter your credit card/debit card details before you can browse the app. It may make you reconsider continuing onto the app but the purpose of this step is to make the ordering process straight-forward and quick.
  • When I ordered my Vietnamese Pho, I only had the option to order one meal. I couldn’t add other meals to my basket, whether from that chef or another chef. I believe Supper App is looking into this.
  • The portions are generous. I ordered two 18 Hour Slow Cooked Beef Pho and it easily fed three of us.

Where To Find The Supper App

Download the Supper App for free from the iTunes store.


2 thoughts on “Supper | Personal Chef Delivery Service

  1. @jojosupper

    Thanks so much!! I’m so touched an overjoyed you ordered and liked the home made pho. I’ll be your personal chef anytime! It’s a pleasure to get to share my little pots of memories of living in asia in my home town! Love your blog too so gorgeous x any request for summer dish?


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