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TGM Palette London Review

Just when you think you have seen it all in the world of manicures and pedicures, out pops a new innovation. This time it comes from British brand Palette London, which allows you to create any colour nail polish under the sun. All you need is one of their “Create Your Own” kits or to get their expert colour “matcher” to do it for you through their “Bespoke” colour service.

There is nothing quite as frustrating as running out of your favourite nail colour that has been discontinued. Or not being able to find the perfect pale polish to match your wedding dress. Or even a random nail colour that you want for a random reason.

Now you can get the perfect colour thanks to Tajinder Banwait and her new company, Palette London. She has over 15 years beauty experience and already has another successful and award-winning brand called ‘Urban Apothecary’.

TGM Palette London Review

TGM Palette London Review

Create Your Own Kit

The Create Your Own kits come with 5 base colours, empty paint pots (5 ml) and pipettes to help you mix your colours. Each kit has a little guide showing you the ratios of colours needed to create certain shades. But trust me, once you have made one pot you will go all mad-scientist and start throwing together colours like its nobody’s business. Tip: just write these colour combos down as you go along or you may create the best colour in the world and have no guide on how to do it again.

The Palette London kits are available from Boots and online. The 2 piece kit (5 base colours, 2 empty paint pots) is £25. The 5 piece kit which is shown in this post is £50.

Bespoke Colour Service

Need the dream colour for a special occasion or for a memorable gift. Use the Palette London Bespoke service.

They will match anything… A photo from a magazine, your favourite shoe and even your favourite flower. Send in a sample swatch to them and their expert colour “matcher” will create a nail paint that is totally unique.

Bespoke nail paint starts from £50 and the formula will be saved should you wish to purchase more in the future.


TGM Palette London Review

TGM Palette London Review

TGM Palette London Review

Check out these colours I made for Autumn



Reasons To Need a Bespoke Nail Colour

  • Bridal shower – get all the bridesmaids to create their own perfect shade to wear on the wedding day
  • Baby shower – each guest to create a beautiful shade for the mum-to-be to remind her that she deserves to be pampered
  • Custom wedding colour – get the Palette London team to match your nail colour to your shoes or dress
  • Continue a discontinued colour – your favourite colour recreated

Have you any more reasons to need a bespoke nail colour? (As if we need a reason in the first place!)

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