Organic Beauty Week || The Green People Challenge

Organic beauty week

Organic Beauty Week

Organic Beauty Week Challenge

September is Organic Month which is an initiative of The Soil Association and supported by one of my favourite organic brands, Green People. During Organic Beauty Week (8 – 12 September) Green People is challenging everyone with “What change will you make today?”.

For some people, accepting this challenge may be as big as discovering the benefits of an organic beauty product for the first time. For others, like myself, it is as simple as exploring opportunities within my beauty regime to incorporate a new organic product. As you may know, I have tried and frequently use the Organic Babies/Children range by Green People. The products are natural, pure and gentle on sensitive skin and they also have fragrance free options. (Read my Organic Children Sun Lotion | Organic Babies Soothing Oil | Organic Babies Rescue Balm | Organic Babies Shampoo posts)

For Organic Beauty Week, I took on Green People’s challenge and have made a change. As a mother, its perfectly normal to put the needs of your family ahead of yours but this time I am looking at what changes I can make in my own beauty routine. Each trimester of my pregnancy has affected my skin in different ways and in the third trimester I am finding my skin feeling itchy, tight and dry. I tend to spend a great deal of time in the bath each night vigorously rubbing my arms, legs and belly with a soft cloth as my skin is too sensitive for the usual exfoliants. Also, my usual body cream doesn’t seem to have the soothing effect I am after and resorted to reapplying body cream a few times a day.

So the change I am making is to an awesome duo by Green People – the Sugar Scrub and Body Butter. They smell amazing and make me feel like I’ve had a treatment at the spa!

Organic Beauty Week


Organic beauty week

Green People Sugar Scrub

Organic beauty week

Green People Body Butter

Although purchased separately and are great products on their own, I would recommend using them together. The Green People Sugar Scrub is moisturising in itself and not too abrasive therefore making it a perfect exfoliant for itchy/dry pregnancy skin. I managed to convince my two-year old to rub it on my back in the bath which is a massive win! I only use the Sugar Scrub once a week and find that does the job.

The Green People Body Butter is the moisturiser to use when all other moisturisers fail. It is a solid mass in the pot but once it is warmed in your hands it becomes oil-like and is absorbed into the skin. I use this after a bath/shower but also for cuticles, dry feet and on the odd occasion convince my husband to give me a shoulder and neck massage.

Both products go quite a long way and I would urge you to give them a go if your skin is dry and needs a bit of a buff and blitz.

So that’s the change I have made for Organic Beauty Week – what change will you make?


xxx TGM xxx


*Products were gifted, opinions are my own.

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