Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…

Pines and Needles

Need a real Christmas tree and need it fast? How about a Christmas tree delivered by a guy in a kilt? Would you like someone to dress your Christmas Tree for you too? And to clean up and recycle the Christmas tree after the festive season? You need to get in touch with Pines and Needles.

Pines and Needles hand-picks the best Christmas trees to deliver across London and nationwide. The provide the finest, real Christmas trees (guaranteed) and will deliver them on a date of your choice. Picking up a Christmas tree is just another task on a very long to-do list at this time of year and to have a service that takes the schlep out of this task is a godsend.

We were sent our first ever real Christmas tree from Pines and Needles last year and we are thrilled to have another one feature in our home this Christmas.

Pines and Needles

Decorating Our Christmas Tree

Our tree was delivered a week or so ago and the girls went nuts when they saw a guy in a kilt walk into our home with a huge Nordmann Fir. This is the best tree for indoors, and for homes with kids, because the needles are not so pointy and the tree does not drop as many needles as other fir trees.

We spent the early evening digging out our Christmas decoration and dressing the tree to some classic Christmas tunes (think Mariah and Buble). Obviously the tree ended up looking a bit of a shambles thanks to the style direction of the three-year-old Bug but that is what makes our tree special.

Also, the bottom half of the tree is pretty much bare because one-year-old Bee has removed (and smashed) a number of the decorations.

Every night when we walk up the stairs to bed, the girls bid the tree “goodnight” and in the mornings they rush down the stairs to see the glowing tree welcoming us.

Pines and Needles

Pines and Needles

Pines and Needles

Pines and Needles

Pines and Needles services

  • Delivery and Installation (by men in kilts)
  • Decoration
  • Removal and Recycling
  • Doorways and Entrances
  • Driveways
  • Outdoor Lighting

You can get in touch with them at Pines and Needles online. They guarantee their trees and the men in kilts also deliver complimentary mini Christmas trees and mistletoe.





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