Review : Nibbling Necklace

Nibbling necklace review

We’ve all been there. A teething child chewing any item that comes past her mouth in an attempt to sooth her aching gums. Never mind the sleepless nights and the soaring fever we need to manage during a teething season, us mums also have to deal with drool-covered keyring/iPhone/handbag/everything.

Now is the time to wise up and get yourself a Nibbling Necklace – a soft, silicon baby teether that doubles up as a stylish piece of jewellery for mums.

I have a couple of these trendy mum accessories and am a fan because they a soft on little gums, safety-focussed and have a line of products to suit all wardrobes.

Nibbling Necklace review

Doubled up with a statement piece of jewellery

First and Foremost, Nibbling Necklace Safety

All Nibbling items are made from food grade silicon which is FDA approved and has passed tests to both the US and EU standards. Each item is free from BPA, phthalates and heavy metals too.

The necklaces have a safety clasp that will pop open if enough weight (4.5lbs) is applied. This ensures that the necklace is not a hazard when played with by little ones.

A Teether that is a Fashion Accessory

I never thought I’d put ‘teether’ and ‘fashion accessory’ in the same sentence. Most teethers are animal shaped or come in garish colours that don’t quite match my wardrobe.

Nibbling’s range of bracelets and necklaces are available in a variety of designs and colours. There are some brightly coloured items for the mums who like a pop of colour or the more muted pearl which is my favourite.

I wore my Soho Pearls Teething necklace out a few weeks ago and received compliments from ladies who could not believe that it was actually for teething because it looks like something I picked up from a high street store.

Nibbling Necklace review

The safety clasp that can withstand a gentle tug from a child but will pop open with a bit more force applied.

Nibbling Necklace review

Soft, chewy food grade silicon beads.

Nibbling Necklace review

Double them up for an added twist.

Easy to Clean the Nibbling Necklace

Since the jewellery and teethers will be chewed on for hours on end, it is essential that they are cleaned often.

Simply hand wash with warm water and soap or pop them in the dish washer. You can also put Nibbling products in the steriliser along with bottles and dummies, if you wish.

The Nibbling Range

What originally started off with a line of teething necklaces and bracelets has now extended out to teethers, dummy clips and mini necklaces for little girls. To find out more, visit Nibbling online. Prices start £16 for Nibbling Necklaces and £12 for Nibbling bracelets.



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