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My Stinky New School Book Review TGM 2

“Today I start at my new school. It stinks of pigeon poop…”

With the first term of the new school year in full swing, I have no doubt that there are many kids who are slightly anxious about joining a new school or class. Nevermind trying to find your way around and making sure they remember to pack their lunch, one of the biggest fears for kids is making new friends.

My Stinky New School follows a little boy named Toby on his first day at his new school. He has no friends and is feeling lost when an alien starts to show him around. He meets a pirate, some mermaids and dinosaurs on what becomes a fun adventure.

My daughter Bug, who is only 3, loves this book and we have read it almost every night over the past few weeks.

My Stinky New School Book Review TGM 2

My Stinky New School Book Review TGM 2

I love how the book channels the wild imaginations of younger kids and captures the emotions of loneliness and feeling lost in a way that they will understand.  My Stinky New School is a beautifully illustrated book that helps kids see that there is nothing to fear about starting a new school and they will find new friends, usually when they are not looking.

My Stinky New School is written by award-winning author Rebecca Elliot. Rebecca has won much praise for the way in which she tackles sensitive issues and writes stories for kids who are dealing with these challenging subject. Her acclaimed book, Just Because, takes a look at the relationship between her son Toby and his sister Clemmie who is physically and mentally disabled.

You can purchase My Stinky New School and Just Because on Find out more about the author at Rebecca

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