Mother’s Day with Selfridges: Flowers from Philippa Craddock

Selfridges Flowers

Selfridges Mother's Day flowers

Find me a woman who does not like to receive a surprise delivery of flowers and I show you a woman who is completely insane. Flowers always brighten a room and a mood and they are probably one of the easiest and most obvious gifts to give on Mother’s Day. Selfridges some brilliant blooms that you can have delivered, as I found out…

In the middle of last week I received a cryptic email from the team at Selfridges telling me to keep my eyes peeled because a surprise was on the way. Towards the end of the day, a few wheels fell off due to an idiot at work and my good mood sank heavily to my toes. An email popped into my inbox telling me I had received a ‘Big Yellow Bag’ containing the most gorgeous bunch of flowers. I immediately called my husband to thank him for lifting my spirits and the poor guy though I had now completely lost it.

Selfridges flowers Mother's Day

I had forgotten all about the cryptic email from Selfridges earlier that day(thanks preggy brain) and was positively glowing when I saw the beautiful package. It was a gesture that came at the exactly the right moment and it just goes to show what a bunch of flowers can do for the soul. A later conversation with the husband revealed that he wished he had ‘admitted’ they were from him and taken all the glory. Cheeky!

Selfridges flowers Mother's Day

Thank you Selfridges for the glorious bunch of Philippa Craddock blooms which have filled my home with a delightful fragrance (the hyacinths) and continue to flourish for days.

Flowers brighten eveyones day, especially on Mother’s Day! I certainly am hoping for a bouquet on Mother’s Day. Take a look a the fabulous Selfridges flowers that you can order for delivery.

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 *Review: Products were gifted to TGM. Words and content are my own.


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