Would You Take Your Kids To A Gordon Ramsay Restaurant?

Maze Grill review

Would Gordon Ramsay bellow the “F-word” when one of my girls turned their nose up at one of his fine dishes… I may never find out because the Maze Grill kids menu is lip-smackingly toddler-friendly.

Fine dining and fabulous food was a significant part of our lives before we had kids. My husband and I would never dream of taking a toddler, let alone two of them, to one of our previously-frequented foodie establishments. Our girls are actually really good in restaurants but we choose them wisely, usually based on whether they serve pasta, boiled eggs or some sort of a potato dish. This limits us quite a bit when it comes to fine dining, but I now know that we can rely on the Maze Grill kids menu.

Maze Grill Kids Menu

Maze Grill Kids Menu

Maze Grill Kids Menu

Maze Grill Kids Menu

I was really pleased to visit Maze Grill on Royal Hospital Road with some fellow mummy bloggers for an afternoon of delicious food and a few (too many) glasses of Pinot Noir. Bee slept through the entire meal and did not get to sample the Maze Grill Kids Menu but I did see a few of the kids dishes and they looked delicious. Also, the kids menu is actually a slim box that is filled with colouring goodies.

The mums were treated to just about everything on the menu and by the time dessert came we could barely move. Sadly, I left my take-away dessert behind but I probably didn’t need it anyway.

Maze Grill review

Smashed Avo and Sweet Potato Chips

Maze Grill Cured Beef Ham

Secreto | Cured Beef Ham

Maze Grill Sushi Rolls

Sushi Roll Selection

Maze Grill Sashimi Selection

Sashimi Selection

Maze Grill Salmon Nashi

Salmon Nashi | Salmon, Nashi Pear, Ponzu and Crisped Rice

Maze Grill Mac & Cheese

Maze Grill Mac & Cheese

Maze Grill Onion Rings

Onion Rings and Dips

Maze Grill Beef

Selection Beef | Rare Breed and US/Japanese Breeds

Thank you Maze Grill on Royal Hospital Road for spoiling us with a delicious spread. I’ll definitely be back with the rest of my family.

London Mothers Club

Myself with Kerrie-Anne from London Mother’s Club, and Bee (who smashed some butter on her face)



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