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You know when you see a woman wearing something totally awesome that you want to snatch it off them and run in the other direction? Well, I had one of those moments just last week walking up Bond Street on the way to meet a friend for lunch. A woman, who looked like she had just stepped out of a magazine, was wearing a fashionista ensemble that I cannot even recall because I was transfixed on her hat.

It was a light grey felt hat with a wide brim and what appealed to me the most that even though it was so simple, I could see from a distance that it was well made. I noticed that it had a black “M” on it as the woman walked past me and that was that, she was gone.

After lunch with my friend, I took a stroll through Burlington Arcade to get out of the rain. Low and behold, there was an ENTIRE shop with the hats with “M” on them, like I was meant to find them. And that is how I found out about MAISON MICHEL hats.

Fashion houses such as Chanel, Givenchy, Nina Ricci, Laroche, Lanvin and Christian Lacroix have featured Maison Michel pieces in their collections since the 1980’s. Maison Michel was taken over by Chanel in 2006 and if you can’t afford the made to measure service then you can pick up a ready-to-wear hat from, or Here are a few more hats from the latest collection to lust over…


Maison Michel | Andre Straw Trilby

Maison Michel | Kate Felt

Maison Michel | Kate Felt Hat

Maison Michel

Maison Michel | Charlotte Felt and Straw Hat

Maison Michel | Henrietta Felt and Straw Hat

Maison Michel | Henrietta Felt and Straw Hat

Maison Michel | Charlotte Felt Trilby

Maison Michel | Charlotte Felt Trilby

Do you have a favourite Maison Michel hat?

xxx TGM xxx

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