7 Totally Awesome Teepees for a Kid’s Room

Kids Room Teepee

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What kid doesn’t love to play house? My girls are in and out of a mini circus tent we have standing in our family room. Apart from a perfect spot for “hide and seek”, it is also crammed full of dolls, books and pillows. And daddy has also had a nap in the girls’ tent.

I just love the look of indoor teepees for kid’s rooms. Whether you put it in a play room, the family room or their bedroom, it sparks the imagination and will provide hours of entertainment. Open up the doors to invite people in or kids could close the teepee doors and turn it into a quiet cove to hide out.

Fill it with comfy cushions or drape it in fairy lights. Bunting will add a pop of colour and a cozy blanket will make it a perfect spot to read books. You could even have a picnic in the teepee.

Kids Room Teepee

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Kids Room Teepee

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Kids Room Teepee

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Kids Room Teepee

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Kids Room Teepee

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2 thoughts on “7 Totally Awesome Teepees for a Kid’s Room

  1. Granny Bee

    Looking good noolet. Like all the colour ideas.
    What fun and precious spaces for kidlets, older folk and ….. you did not mention all our 4 legged friends


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