Top 5 Half-Term Venues With Coffee For Mums

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If I have to go to another soft play area and drink a cup of sh*t coffee, I may as well stay at home and let my kids rip my house apart. Why do these venues not cater for the most important thing (other than entertaining kids)… Coffee for Mums!

No parent truly enjoys half-term in London because you have to endure queues, other people’s snotty nose children and half-assed brewed coffee. That is why I have done some scouting around to bring you 5 places where you can get the kids out the house, grab a good cup of coffee and boast to your friends about the cultural/learning experiences you shared with your children on a day out.


Kidzania coffee shop

Adult Only Zone at Kidzania

Kidzania has an adult-only, free wi-fi area (The Lounge) that serves coffee for mums who need a time out. It is also a venue that is a role-play experience in Westfield London that has over 60 adventures for kids.

Enter the mini city of Kidzania and possible destinations include a radio station, hospital or acting academy. Most of the activities cater for kids between 4 and 14 but there are activities available for younger tots. These include the Science Lab where they can watch bubbling experiments; RightZKeepers residence that has puppet shows and inflatable furniture; and Kindergarten that has messy play and puzzles.

Please note that only kids over 8 can be left alone whilst you hang out at The Lounge. Younger kids (1 – 8) need to be accompanied but there is an on-site coffee shop to keep you going. 

Visit Kidzania London for prices and more details.


Bach to Baby coffee

Coffee Concerts with Bach to Baby

Bach to Baby provides coffee for mums who want to settle down with a Monmouth coffee (best in town!) whilst enjoying a spot of Brahms, Bach and Beethoven. Bach to Baby encourages you to get comfy whilst little ones crawl/ toddle around to classical music. Toward the end of each concert, everyone enjoys a few sing-along nursery rhymes, and requests are welcome.

All concerts are pram accessible, have Monmouth coffee for the mums and a professional photographer should you wish to purchase some pics of your little one dancing away.

The concerts are targeted at 0 – 4 year olds but children of all ages are welcome. Tickets starts at £12 per adult and kids go free. Check out venues across London and upcoming concerts at Bach to Baby.


Kew Gardens with kids

Open spaces and coffee places at Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens comes alive in all seasons and I am forever ear-marking their exhibits. They also have loads of fun things to do for kids, from a bee garden to a botanical playzone (whatever that is!?!). There are also dedicated half-term activities, such as carnival headdress making and face painting.

With four restaurants at Kew Gardens, this is the perfect place with coffee for mums who need to get out of the hustle-bustle of London.

Take a look at Kew Gardens online for kids activities, restaurants and upcoming exhibitions.

London Transport Museum with kids


Located in the heart of Covent Garden, you are not far from a great cup of coffee and kid-friendly restaurants. They also have their own facilities serving food and drinks.

The London Transport Museum caters to older kids who like to have a wander around and explore various modes of transport. For under-5’s there is a free story time every Tuesday. The London Transport Museum also runs dedicated half-term activities and has a transport-themes soft play area.

Visit London Transport Museum for times, prices and more information on activities.

The Shard with Kids

I usually associate The Shard with a romantic night with the hubs or a touristy trip when with out-of-towners. However, it is also a great destination for kids. Get older kids to point out historic and modern landmarks from the 360° viewing deck and encourage younger kids with a game of ‘I spy’.

There are 5 restaurants to enjoy a cup of coffee before and a meal after your viewing experience.

Kids go free at The Shard from 15 – 21 February 2016 (half-term). Find out more and book your tickets at The View From The Shard.


There you have it, my top 5 kid-friendly destination that serve a good cup of coffee for mums.

Do you have any? Leave me a comment below so that I can try it out!



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