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Jurlique Nutri-Define

The Jurlique Nutri-Define range recently launched and sadly I missed the launch event as my second daughter was just days old and I was somewhat preoccupied. Jurlique sent me a bottle of the Nutri-Define Facial Serum in the post to try out for myself and this is what I found…

Jurlique Nutri-Define has been formulated to target ageing skin through a natural approach. Tick and tick – target ageing and natural ingredients are buzz words that resonate with me. You will notice that I am a fan of this Australian brand for a number of reasons, including the fact that they have used natural ingredients in their products for the last 30 years. I have tried out the Jurlique Herbal Recovery range and now have had the opportunity to try out the Nutri-Define Facial Serum.

What they say…

Jurlique has made a breakthrough in the ‘ingredient delivery system’ space and the Nutri-Define range has  (soon to be patented) Biosome5 technology. Jurlique Biosome5 allows the good stuff in the product to deeply penetrate the layers of your skin and ‘combat the major visible signs of ageing’.

What I think…

Jurlique has published promising clinical results of women who used the Nutri-Define Facial Serum. Almost 90% of women tested saw a visible result after a month of using the  Nutri-Define Facial Serum. I must say though, at this stage of my life,  I am probably not the greatest test candidate and did not notice as dramatic results as the women tested. This is due to me being a tad younger than their sample of women tested  AND I’ve only just had a baby so my skin is going haywire from the hormones. Having said that, I am a believer based on the improved hydration I have seen in my own skin and love how my skin feels after using Jurlique Nutri-Define Facial Serum.

 The range…

Nutri-Define Facial Serum

Jurlique Nutri-Define

Jurlique Nutri-Define Superior Retexturising Facial Serum With Biosome 5, Ginseng Root Extract and Licorice Root Extract

Jurlique Nutri-Define

Nutri-Define Multi Correcting Day Cream With Biosome5, Squalane and Rapeseed Oils

Nutri-Define Rejuvenating Overnight Cream With Biosome5, Cupuacu Seed Butter and Artichoke Leaf Extract

Nutri-Define Rejuvenating Overnight Cream With Biosome5, Cupuacu Seed Butter and Artichoke Leaf Extract

Special Offer: Receive a 15ml bottle of Jurlique Nutri-Define Superior Retexturising with any purchase from the Nutri-Define range using the code DEFINE.  You can find out more and purchase the Jurlique Nutri-Define online here and at other major beauty retailers.

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* Bottle of facial serum received as a gift, my views are my own

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