Honestly Healthy | 9 Easy Tips For Healthy Eating With Kids

Photo: honestlyhealthyfood.com

Photo: honestlyhealthyfood.com

A week ago I joined the wonderful Leo Bamford (founder of mybaba.com) for a morning with Natasha Corrett, the founder and creator of Honestly Healthy. We snacked on delicious and healthy treats, sipped on Jax Coco (the champagne of coconut water apparently) and learnt a thing or two about a healthy, alkaline lifestyle with kids.

The Honestly Healthy way of life could not have come across my path at a better time. My second daughter arrived 6 weeks ago and with all the hormonal changes, insufficient sleep and occasional sweet tooth, I need to kick-start my body back to where it should be.

But how easy is it to actually transform not only your diet but also that of your family? At this stage in my life, as much as I’d like to adopt a really healthy lifestyle, I cannot see myself forcing steamed kale down my toddler’s throat whilst making kale chips for a breastfeeding snack and simultaneously convincing my husband that kale juice is delicious.

Honestly Healthy

Yup, he is winking at me!

Honestly Healthy

Leo and Natasha during the Q&A


So what is Honestly Healthy?

Well, essentially it is adopting an alkaline lifestyle. Natasha says that “at the core of this ethos is nutrient dense, natural, unprocessed and organic food – all of the things that we really know are good for our bodies.” Ideally, we would operate with our bodies in an alkaline state and Honestly Healthy helps us maintain that. Natasha also says that an ” overly acidic body will be much more prone to disease, lethargy, poor skin, insomnia, mood swings and all manor of ailments associated with a body that is laden with stress.”

Well, I picked up 9 really useful tips from Natasha Corrett during her Honestly Healthy demo of kids meals last week. These certainly will help me on my way to a healthier lifestyle…

9 Tips for Honestly Healthy Kids (and Mums)

Tip 1: Have a realistic 70:30 rule. Be Honestly Healthy 70% of the time and for the remaining 30% be human in that you can have your burger/pizza/coffee/whatever is not alkaline. Now that is a rule I can work with.

Tip 2: You can always make a healthy alternative. You don’t ever have to go without.

Tip 3: Substitute in Coconut Palm Sugar. This is the best alternative to sugar and you can use the quantities in cooking like for like.

Tip 4: Introduce Himalayan Rock Salt. According to Dr Robert Young salt is needed for an alkaline lifestyle. Himalayan rock salt has more minerals, less sodium and is less processed than normal table salt. Its also a pretty pink colour, if that’s your thing.

Tip 5: Unless it burns, you can always fix it. I suppose this is true in that you can’t ever come back from burning food but you can always alter flavours to fix other cooking mistakes.

Tip 6: Make meals that are suitable for all ages. I totally agree with this. I have never really made separate meals for my toddler as I just don’t have the time/energy. She will have whatever we have and if need be I’ll scoop out her portion before I add any salt.

Tip 7: Cacao is a superfood and is worth including in your diet. This is NOT chocolate. Chocolate has been heated and has sugar added and lost all the good stuff.

Tip 8: Use the pulp from juicing. My heart drops each time I scoop all the pulp from the juicer into the bin because it is such a waste. Well, Natasha says you should add some olive oil and salt to the pulp and whack it in the oven on a low heat. Hey presto, pulp chips. I have to try this!

Tip 9: Dried fruit/fruit juice is are not actually that good for kids. With a super high sugar content it makes them hyper. I won’t be buying those mini boxes of raisins anymore…

Kid friendly Coriander Pesto with Cashews. I hate coriander but love this!

Kid friendly Coriander Pesto with Cashews. I hate coriander but love this!

Avocado-based Chocolate Mousse. Delish, I kid you not!

Avocado-based Chocolate Mousse. Delish, I kid you not!

Now I just need to get my hands on the latest Honestly Healthy cookbook and start making some yummy meals.


xxx TGM xxx


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