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Happy socks

Happy Socks

Take a look at the Happy Socks website and you will see that all of the socks are just that.  Happy. They are bright, cheerful and fun. Throughout the writing of this post I have had Pharrell’s “Happy” song playing over and over in my head and visions of Tom Cruise a la Risky Business but wearing Happy Socks – how cool would that be?

Happy Socks

To say that my husband is sock mad is a bit of an understatement. Even with Harvey Spector as the standard fashion icon for men in the city, it is still challenging for guys in the corporate world to add some personality or flair to their work wardrobe. The daily uniform is a suit in a spectrum of grey’s and navy’s which can be quite a bore with the compulsory tie being the only option for bit of colour. However, over the past few years we have begun to see more and more men walking down the street with fun flashes of colour appearing at their ankles with each step. Hello fabulous socks.

I am often sent great things to review, that all cater to being a mummy or being glam, after all this is The Glam Mummy blog. But when the people at Happy Socks got in touch, I jumped at the opportunity to get my husband involved and he was chuffed to say the least. What’s more, they sent along a pair of matching Happy Socks for Bug. How cute! And she just adored them, refusing to take them of at bath time.

Happy Socks 3

Happy Socks does funky socks for kids, men and women. They also have a limited edition range. Personally, I fancy the leopard print socks that come in a variety of colours. You can purchase Happy Socks online or check their store locator on their website for stores that stock them.


Do you have any faves?


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