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Joey Holmes – personal trainer, pilates instructor, super nanny and a guest contributor to the Glam Mummy blog.

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Once we had had our 6 week check up, my NCT mummy friends and I needed to find a fitness regime that fitted into our new lifestyle. As new mums, we wanted to ramp up our fitness and energy levels, firm up the wobbly bits and be able to bring our babies along with us. Many internet searches ended up fruitless and then we found Joey.

Two to three times a week we would stroll up to a local park in Fulham with our babies in tow and spend an hour working our butts off (in between breathless “I’ve had 2 hours of sleep!” and “I think my baby is teething” chit-chat).

Joey the amazing PT and super nanny!

Joey the amazing PT and super nanny!

One of the biggest bonuses is Joey is a secret super nanny. Whilst we did sprints, push ups and planks, Joey would have one baby on her hip and simultaneously jiggled a few buggies. This allowed us to commit to getting back into our pre-preggy jeans for the full hour.

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Joey is experienced in pre- and post-natal personal training. She knows what can be done at each stage and understands what your body is going through. She started us off gently, just engaging the core and gradually building up our strength. She is motivating without being pushy towards us super-hormonal mummies.

Joey will share health and fitness tips during pregnancy and for new mums… Watch this space!


In the mean time, I have 7 questions for Joey:

What 3 words describe you?Joey 4


Chilled (most of the time).


What is your signature dish?

Peppered mackerel, spinach and beetroot salad – I have it at least once a week!

Favorite holiday destination?

I don’t really go to the same place abroad more than once so it would have to be Cornwall as I’ve been there every year for most of my life – Constantine Bay near Padstow – can’t beat it!

What do you do to relax?

Play games: board games, card games, ball games, silly games, serious games – I love to play!

Favourite accessory?

A big green and blue paisley scarf that used to belong to my Mum. I’ve worn it for about 8 years and never get bored of it!

What are you most proud of?

My Mum and Dad for being ace and working so hard to make sure we all had the best upbringing we could wish for and continued support as adults.

What makes you feel glam?

My navy and white polka dot pencil skirt.


Joey’s deets:
07502 241833



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