Father’s Day: Beauty, Retro and Macho

This is the first Father’s Day we will be celebrating in our new little family. I say “we” because my husband could actually care less so it’s actually more of me making a massive effort to conjure up a celebratory occasion and him making somewhat of an effort to enjoy my effort.

He does care that I care. He just doesn’t see all the fuss in gifts and going out and I can actually see his point of view. But I’m making my effort regardless.

He wants “nothing” and “doesn’t mind” what we do so I essentially have free reign to decide for him.

I’m against buying a gift for the sake of buying a gift and these commercialised holidays are so hyped up that people end up buying overpriced rubbish that is flung to the back of a cupboard. What I have chosen for him on behalf of Bug does show we care and it doesn’t cost the earth. So what is he getting?

1. Beauty products

Clinique giftsYes, this is the 21st century and men should care of their skin. But sometimes they need a kick up the posterior from those of us in the know. My husband is actually really good at washing and moisturising his face and he uses really good products – mine.

I have decided that he now needs to get his own skin care range purely due to the rate at which he goes through mine. He will take a golf ball size of cream, rub it vigorously between his hand and then apply to his face. Yes, his hands are wonderfully moisturised.

I got him products from the Clinique which is a reputable brand with its own Mens range. Furthermore, it had a special offer at Peter Jones where he got a free travel kit (filled with samples) with two products purchased. The range is really affordable in comparison to most women’s skin care ranges.

Manly beauty products can be purchased from John Lewis with Liquid Face Wash at £15 for 150ml and M Lotion at £22 for 100ml.

2. Watering can

Watering can 1

The other gift Bug is giving her Papa is a watering can. He is obsessive about watering our orchids in the kitchen and Camelia at our front door during the summer. I must say that they are blooming marvelous plants but he uses my decorative vases/jugs to carry water around the house and one glass jug has had to be chucked after the handle broke off.

A fit-for-purpose watering can is all he needs and at £2.98 from B&Q it is a bargain.

Other Father’s Day Finds

If you are out of ideas and don’t want to do the boring socks/tie/underware thing, take a look at what else John Lewis and B&Q have to offer for Father’s Day this year.

Fathers Day


One: Etch a Sketch for the kid in him (John Lewis, £13.99)     Two: Aspinal Hip Flask for the trendy Pops (John Lewis, £59)     Three: BBQ Grill Brush for a summer BBQ (B&Q, £6)     Four: Weber BBQ Mitt which a man would never admit to using and we can swipe for the kitchen (B&Q, £9)     Five: Roberts Digital Radio for the man who has everything (John Lewis, £159.95)     Six: Magic Balls to clean his wine decanter (John Lewis, £4.95)     Seven: Bosch Cordless Screwdriver for the DIY man (B&Q, £25)


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