Elizabeth & Rose Design : Hand painted shoes

Hand painted shoes

Mummy + me clothing and accessories will never go out of style. My girls LOVE to mimic me, such as walking around in my heels, and will do just about anything they can to dress like me.

Which I think is pretty cool, as well as ego enhancing.

That’s why Elizabeth & Rose Design is awesome for little girls who like to dress like their mums. Elizabeth & Rose Design creates bespoke mummy-and-me shoes which are painted by hand. It was founded by Sophie Naylor, an artist who designs and paints bespoke designs onto bridal and matching mummy/kiddie shoes. Her forte is beautiful flowers and adorable animals but she is able to paint whatever your heart desires. I’ve seen her dinosaur plimsoles and they are fabulous.

Elizabeth & Rose was born from the idea of creating wearable keepsakes for shoe lovers. We create bespoke designs, hand painted just for you.”

You have a choice of heels or plimsoles when you send in your request to Elizabeth & Rose Design. Sophie is on hand throughout the design phase and will send through a few sketches before you both agree on the final look.

Shoes with painted flowers Shoes with hand painted flowers Custom painted shoe design

Bug, Bee and I opted for plimsoles which are easy and light to slip on in summer. I wanted to pay homage to our South African heritage and so chose the King Protea, which is South Africa’s national flower, across the toes.

I also asked for traditional Ndebele (said in-de-beh-lee) patterns across the heels. The Ndebele paint their houses in these beautiful designs.

I sent Sophie a few images to illustrate my ideas and soon afterwards I received some loose sketches. With a little tweak, here and there, she was ready to start painting. A few weeks later we received our beautifully wrapped shoe boxes in the post.

I am over the moon with the final result. It is the first time Bug, Bee and I have had matchy-matchy shoes and the girls were chuffed to have the same shoes as their mama. Sophie’s artwork is fantastic and the plimsoles are well made cotton shoes that are both breathable and comfortable.

So far we have taken them on two long-haul trips to South Africa and Mauritius and have worn them almost daily. Bug is most taken by her Elizabeth & Rose Design shoes and now plans her outfit around her shoes… Just like her mama.

Take a look at Sophie’s designs and place an order for your bespoke shoes at Elizabeth & Rose Design.


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