Boost your Blog: Meeting the gurus at the Cosmo Masterclass

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When I set up my blog just over a couple of weeks ago, I had absolutely no idea how much goes on behind writing a blog. I thought I’d just write something down, add a few pictures, upload it to the internet and hey presto! But no, no, no, no, no! There is so much more to it. To use Blogger/Wordpress or self-host? What sort of theme will fit with my content? How to navigate a dashboard? What are the best plugins? How to follow the stats? And what the heck is a Widget?

If I had known exactly how much time and effort would go into setting the blog up, I may have thought long and hard about whether I could have taken this on considering I am a new mum. But I am here and it is so worth it. I have learnt so much and feel I could write a book (or a few posts) about what not to do when setting up a blog.

The esteemed Panel

The esteemed Panel

The Cosmo Masterclass came along at exactly the right time and I have learnt so much from the panel of gurus who very kindly gave up their Tuesday evening to educate the uneducated like myself.

So who are the gurus? Consider the Blogging Relationship Triangle.

Blogger Relationship Triangle (I made this up myself)

Blogger Relationship Triangle (I made this up myself)

The Brands – represented by Pat McNulty (Digital Editor of and Vicki Fogwill (Social-media manager for Next). These are the people that sit on the one end of the triangle and are who often provide inspiration for content for bloggers. Bloggers will review and comment on Brands they like, or dislike for that matter.

The Agencies – represented by Dominic Smales (Founder of social-media agency Gleam Digital) and  Andreas Pouros (COO of Greenlight Digital). These are established companies that support and manage relationships between Brands and Bloggers. They seek out talent in the blogging world and try marry that up with brands in the same hemisphere.

The Bloggers – represented by Emily Johnston (Style blog and Kat Williams (Cult wedding site They are the superbloggers who come from humble beginnings and invested their time into their passion. Look at them now!

So what did we learn? The top takeaways.

The panel were really helpful and shared some many useful nuggets of wisdom. I wrote pages and pages of information down and here are their top tips:

  1. Be tenacious –Dom Smales
  2. Think about what brands you want to work with and how –Vicki Fogwill
  3. Don’t assume people are interested in everything you write. Check there is an audience -Andreas Pouros
  4. Value your worth, you can’t pay a mortgage with free handbags –Kat Williams
  5. Look at your competitors are friends, not rivals –Emily Johnston
  6. Don’t misbehave on Twitter –Pat McNulty

To end off, I really want to show you a photo that has nothing to do with anything really. I’m chuffed that I managed to take a photo of the photographer – touché.

I papped a Pap (whilst she wasn't looking)

I papped a Pap (whilst she wasn’t looking)

xxx TGM xxx

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