Best Baby Books For New Parents

Best Baby Books for New parents

Here is a round up of books that I have stacked up next to my bed. They are my go-to library when I am in a pickle or need to navigate my way through motherhood. I tend to flick through a few of them until I find something that seems sensible to me and I know will work with my family. Let me know what you think…

French Children Don’t Throw Food¬†best for getting your kids to eat in restaurants like civilised little people and not turn their noses up at a delicious slice of camembert cheese.

Raising Girls best for raising strong, independent girls. There is also a Raising Boys book out.

How Not To F*** Them Up best for a laugh and tips that actually work.

The Yummy Mummy Survival Guide best for keeping your glam going.

Kids Don’t Come With A Manual best for practical advice on managing tantrums and negotiations. See what I think about this book.

What To Expect – The First Year best for continuing your What To Expect journey after your baby has arrived.


Have I missed any other good books???

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