Annabel Karmel Family Cooking App

Annabel Karmel Family Cooking App Review

Annabel Karmel, the baby food guru, has launched a family food app. Cooking for the whole family is a lot easier with readily accessible recipes that are delicious.

Up until 23 November, Annabel Karmel apps are only £1.49 (usually £3.99), and if that is not enough to convince you then read on to see my attempt at Hungarian Goulash via the Annabel Karmel Family Cooking app.

I’m going to be honest and let you know that this is the first recipe app I have ever used. After finally figuring out how to download the app (I am really basic when it comes to technology), I had a play around with the Annabel Karmel Family Cooking app.

Annabel Karmel Family Cooking App Review

Key Features of the Annabel Karmel Family Cooking App

The app is straightforward and easy to navigate. You will find loads of inspiration for family meals – from everyday meals to desserts to hearty meals that take a bit more time. There is also a section for easy recipes for kids to do.

You can follow Annabel’s menus or add recipes to your own planner. You will never forget vital ingredients when doing your weekly shop as you can add ingredients straight to your in-app shopping list with one tap of the finger. There is also a search function if (like me) you forget where your recipe is.

How To Make The BEST Hungarian Goulash In Two Steps

We chose hungarian goulash as it is a wholesome dish and perfect for these cold, winter days. As a starch we went for baked potatoes and sweet potatoes which just needed to be whacked in the oven with the goulash.

Annabel Karmel Family Cooking App Review

Annabel Karmel Family Cooking App Review

Annabel Karmel Family Cooking App Review

I am terrible at following recipes and tend to add a bit of this, a bit of that and taste as I go along. Naturally, I forgot half of the key ingredients and hubs had to pop out mid-cook to pick up crème fraîche, mushroom ketchup and tomato paste.

With all ingredients ready, I followed the recipe via the app. Not hard at all, when it was pretty much 2 steps long.

1 – Cook the ingredients over the stove (browning the meat first).

2- Pop it into the oven for an hour.


Annabel Karmel Family Cooking App Review

This photo doesn’t do the dish any justice. It was DELICIOUS! My husband went back for seconds…

Note To Self (and all of you)

  • Don’t leave the casserole lid on when you pop it in the oven. My sauce didn’t reduce but it was easily solved by putting it back on the stove and letting it simmer away for a bit.
  • Add mushrooms or other veg. We LOVE mushrooms in our house so I added a punnet of small, whole chestnut mushrooms which added some bulk to the goulash and made it extra yummy.
  • Mushroom Ketchup is awesome. I had never, ever heard of it until I came across this recipe and it is a great flavour enhancer. Especially if you love mushrooms.


Give the app a go and let me know what you think. Next I am going to try the chocolate cake with salted caramel…



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