A Whimsical Photoshoot with Imelda Bell

Looking to capture beautiful photographs of your children that are more than a snapshot take on your phone? Take a look at our photos from our photoshoots with Imelda Bell.

I’ve been looking to capture beautiful moments of my girls for some time now. I did a fabulous photoshoot with my eldest, some 4 years ago and haven’t done one since.

Imelda Bell photography

When first approached by Imelda, I was slightly hesitant because I know how hard it is to get two young children to face a camera, let alone sit still for an entire photoshoot. My fears were quickly calmed when I met Imelda on site for our first photoshoot. Imelda has a calm, soothing presence and the patience of a saint. Two key traits required by anyone who works with children.

Imelda Bell gave me the option of two photoshoots – indoor studio shoot and an outdoors lifestyle shoot.

Lavender Fields in Kent

I have always wanted to photograph the girls in the iconic lavender fields that we see all over social media each summer. Though a bit of a drive from central London, it is totally worth it for a day outdoors and to indulge in some lavender ice cream (which is delish!).

I brought along a few dresses and Glammrags hair bows for our day among the lavender bushes. Imelda brought a few props along, such as a teddy bear and antique lace parasol, to encourage the girls to go off into their own little world.

Imelda snapped away whilst the girls played and the resulting photographs are just beautiful.  We borrowed an someones dog for a few pics too.

Interestingly, if you stood still for a minute and focused at one lavender bush, you would notices how much miniature movement was around. I cannot begin to explain the sheer number of bees, butterflies and bumblebees that were going on about their business. And the constant hum/buzzing of the lavender was incredible.

Pop Up Studio in our Basement

For the themed and portrait photographs, Imelda Bell travelled to our house with a car full of fancy equipment and props. She set up a mini studio in our basement from where the magic began.

I asked if I could get a few portrait style pictures of the girls and Imelda Bell was more than happy to oblige.

But the best part, for the girls, was getting to dress up as fairies for the afternoon. Imelda set up a sort of forest scene with props and had the girls wear floaty skirts and flower crowns.

The real magic happens back at her studio where she makes the photos come ‘alive’ and adds whimsical elements to each picture.

The girls were besides themselves with the finished photos and often will scroll through my phone to find the pictures from the day that Imelda Bell turned them into fairies.

More on Imelda Bell Fine Art Photography

Imelda Bell is based in Kent but does travel to you if needed.

She has a wide range of photography packages to suit each and every family. Including:

Imelda Bell is also offering mini Christmas photography sessions in the run up to the festive season. Starting at £49 for a session.

You can contact Imelda Bell through her website Photography by Imelda.


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