A Last-Minute Christening

Childrens jewellery

When my youngest turned 2, I realised her Christening had somehow slipped our minds. Eeek!

My youngest daughter, little Zuri, was finally Christened just after her second birthday. I know, I know, what took me so long? Well, when your family expands you tend to find you have less and less time on your hands and planning her Christening somehow dropped to the bottom of the list of ‘very important things to do’.

I spent ages planning her older sister’s Christening. Tea and cakes and guest lists and a ceremony at the church where we were married. I ordered a pure silk dress in ivory and beautiful leather shoes. My husband and I got her special piece of personalised jewellery to commemorate the day and for her to treasure in the years to come.

Fast forward to my second-born and she somehow fell off the radar…

So when I finally got around to planning her Christening, I managed to sort out everything over Whatsapp with my Sister-in-Law in South Africa. She organised a cake and tea party at her house and my mum arranged for the minister to meet us there.

All I had to do was organise her outfit and her super-duper special piece of personalised jewellery.

I managed to fit Zuri into her older sister’s Christening dress) which was actually for a 12 month old). Thankfully my little girl is really slim for her age and she was rather pleased to be wearing her sister’s dress. The dress was sitting above her knees instead of at her ankles but she was none the wiser

Next, I called in a massive favour from the team behind Molly Brown to get a piece of jewellery personalised last-minute. I have always loved their collection of jewellery for kids. The pieces are timely and dainty, perfect for a little girl. I chose a locket because she can keep a special photo in it and wear it around her neck when she is older. I also had the initial “A” put on it for Azura which is her first name.

Personalised Jewellery for kids

With her older sister’s dress dry cleaned and a special gift for the occasion we were ready. The only thing I forgot was some comfy shoes so she went barefoot!



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