7 of The Best Books For Moms

What are your favourite books for moms? In the run up to Mother’s Day I was gifted the The Mills & Boon Modern Girl’s Guide to Turning into Your Mother. It got me thinking of all the mummy-dedicated books that I have had on my reading list for the past few months/days and I thought I’d share with you my top books for moms.

Motherhood is ****ing tough at the best of times and there is no reason why we can’t sit back with a strong coffee and have a laugh. Laugh at our kids, laugh at our partners and laugh at ourselves. Which is why these books are all on my reading list.

1. Letters To My Fanny – Cherry Healey

If this title doesn’t grab your attention then I don’t know what will. Whilst some find it a cringey word, I find myself wondering how many times this f-word has been printed in the book.

Chelsey says “this book is a love letter, to my body.” She covers everything from her brain to the time she accidentally cut her “delicate area whilst trimming my lady garden”.


2. The Unmumsy Mum Diary – Sarah Turner

The second book from this bestselling blogger turned author, Sarah documents a year in her life as a mum of two boys. This book reassures mums that you are not alone when you feel like you have no idea what you are doing.

3. Hoorah for Gin – Katie Kirby

If you have not heard of Hoorah for Gin then you have never been on social media. I have laughed out loud at so many of the stick figure cartoons that reflect scenes that every mum has encountered.


4. How To Grow A Baby – Clemmie Hooper

Everything you have wanted to know about pregnancy and birth but are too embarrassed to ask. A weekly guide from the a woman who has seen it all through her job as a midwife and life as a mum. Despite having grown two of my babes before reading this book, I am still intrigued.

5. Ladybird Book for Grown Ups: The Mum

I picked up this book once in Sainsbury’s and spent a good 10 minutes giggling on my own.

I especially loved “The mum is good at making things from whatever is lying around the house. Cathy made this dolly from the corks of six bottles of Pinot Grigio that were lying around the house. One of the things that is now lying around the house is her (the doll).”


6. Scummy Mummies

I have recently started following Scummy Mummies on Instagram because who can resist two mums in head-to-toe gold lycra? I initially thought that their title was ‘scrummy’ with an ‘R’, as in scrum-diddly-umptios. But it’s actually scummy (although I think they are scrummy too).

I then discovered they have a book out and ,judging by their social media antics are anything to go by, will be hilarious.


7. The Mills & Boon Modern Girls Guide To Turning Into Your Mother

A picture book for mums with quirky quips alongside each image. Starting at A for ‘Art’ and ending at Z for ‘Zzzz’, you will find many hilarious anecdotes that are familiar to your own motherhood journey.

Also find guides to Happy Endings and Happy Hour in this series.

All of the books above are available on Amazon. Don’t forget to give them a review once you have read them!




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