6 beauty products we CAN live without

Beauty products we don't need Every once in a while (usually when I am at the hairdresser) I get to page through the latest glossy magazines. I mull over the Beauty Editor’s latest finds and often pick up a few hints to hopefully keep me looking glam through my 30’s.

I cannot be the only woman on earth to have cast her eye over a beauty product or beauty tool and think “Who the heck has time in their day to use that?”.

There are a bunch of beauty items that are ‘never-need-to-haves’. Not in a million years. Not ever. Especially if you are a mum who has been up all night with a teething child, has run out of milk for the coveted cup of morning tea and doesn’t know her arse from her elbow. You get the picture.

And here they are…

1. Eyelash curlers: I’m told that they open up your eyes. I have never used one, I have never had the need to use one and no one has ever asked to borrow my eyelash curlers. Point made.

2. Facial Blotting Paper: “Darn, I left my Facial Blotting Paper at home! How will I ever blot my face today?” Said no woman ever.

3. Toner: Yes, yes, we all know how important it is to use toner as part of our daily skin care regime. It balances the pH in your skin and shrinks your pores. But who actually has the time or desire to do this step in the cleanse-tone-moisturise routine? I usually cleanse and moisturise.

4. Lipstick case: Ok this isn’t really a beauty product per se but I don’t see this being at the top of any mum’s must-have beauty list. Our handbags and pockets are crammed with cuddly toys, sippy cups and dummies. There is no space in my handbag for a case for a lipstick… which is already encased in its own case. Get my drift?

5. Vibrating mascara: Firstly, WTF? Secondly, I have actually tried a high-end version of one of these out. Mr TGM bought it for me on one of his business trips. Let me just say that woman in a rush + baby on hip + vibrating mascara = disaster waiting to happen. I prefer the manual variety.

6. Lip brush: Back in the day when lip colour came in pots you actually needed a lip brush to apply lip colour, especially since the most popular colour was siren red. These days its lipgloss and lipstick ladies, no need for a lip brush unless you have all the time in the world and a pot of lip colour.

What other ‘never-need-to-have’ beauty products are out there?

xxx TGM xxx


One thought on “6 beauty products we CAN live without

  1. Lizz Akin

    hahaha. That was a funny read, but a toner is my must have. Quick and easy exfoliation. Have to agree with all the others though. Never ever even used a lip brush.


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