5 of the Best Kitchen Appliances for Kids Who Cook


Le Toy Van Cafe MachineIf you are like me, you may spend most of your day with your kids in the kitchen. They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home and for us it truly is… because thats where the snacks live.

The kitchen is where we come together each morning, in our PJs, and debate what to have for breakfast. The girls usually ask for eggs or porridge and I usually convince them that an effortless bowl of cereal will suffice.

Sometimes they get their eggs and sometimes I they agree to mummy’s cereal (which is the sugar-free museli).

The kitchen is also where we spend afternoons baking and evenings cooking delicious meals.

And more importantly, the kitchen is where my coffee machine is located.

As the girls get older, they have become more and more interested in getting involved with the kitchen appliances. And when you have two kids, you tend to be jumping from one side of the kitchen to the other pulling their hands away from buttons, plugs and all things dangerous.

Which is why I am a huge fan of kitchen appliances for kids, especially the ones that Cottage Toys have so carefully selected which are available in their online boutique. They are all wooden  toys and made from the very best materials (no ply wood or toxic paints!). You definitely are getting great value for your money too. Take a look at my top picks…

5 Outstanding Kitchen Appliances for Kids

  1. Microwave

Pintoy Microwave Oven £38.99 | Cottage Toys

Pintoy Microwave Oven £38.99 | Cottage Toys

2. Blender

Smoothie Making Machine/ Blender £33.99 || Cottage Toys

Smoothie Making Machine/ Blender £33.99 || Cottage Toys

3. Kitchen Scales

Kitchen Scales £14.95 || Cottage Toys

Kitchen Scales £14.95 || Cottage Toys

4. Coffee Machine

Coffee Machine £22.95 || Cottage Toys

Coffee Machine £22.95 || Cottage Toys

5. Mixer

Food Mixer Set £27.50 || Cottage Toys

About Cottage Toys

You can find all of the above wooden kitchen appliance for kids from Cottage Toys.

Run by Jess (from Mumzynot blog), it is a “family run, boutique online store, specialising in Children’s toys and baby gifts. I am Jessica, mother of two, and I now run the family business. Originally started as a craft business creating handmade wooden dolls’ houses, Cottage Toys has since evolved into a successful online boutique selling stylish, high quality children’s toys and baby accessories.”


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