From Goa to London: Seraphina Resort Wear For Kids and Mums


Whenever I pack clothing for a summer holiday, the first items I grab are loose, light and breathable. I’m talking natural fabrics that are easy-to-wear and effortless style that can take my girls and I from the beach to a restaurant for lunch. I’m in love with the latest collection of Seraphina resort wear that caters for both me and my girls.

Seraphina is a luxury resort-wear line that takes inspiration from Goa, on the east coast of India, and brings a laid-back and effortless line of clothing.

Based in London, the collection is made from 100% cotton voile which is soft and strong and the same time. Each item has a block or screen printed design in bright and cheerful colours.

Seraphina Goa London Seraphina Goa London

Seraphina Goa London

I will take any given opportunity to dress the girls in similar outfits these days because they are too young to argue with me. Well, they aren’t too young to argue but they are too young to win an argument. So I take total advantage of my power over them and choose matching outfits as often as I can. And if I can match them at the same time I consider it a triple whammy.


The outfits I chose from the latest Seraphina resort wear collection have the beautiful turquoise print. My girls have a deep-olive skin tone and can pull off very bright colours whilst I tend to stick to neutrals and denim. However, when it comes to the beach/holidays I often go bright and proud.

Seraphina Goa London Seraphina Goa London

Bug and I have the matching turquoise Seraphina Poncho Kaftan with bright pink tassels (can’t ever have too many tassels!). Little Bee is dressed in the Seraphina Mini Flutter Sleeve dress for toddlers because she is too little to fit into the children’s range which is where Bug’s kaftan comes from.

Not only do they do beautiful kaftans and dresses. The Seraphina resort wear includes sleepwear, tunics, shirts, rompers for babies and they also have lines for boys and men. I have my eye on their new bedding range of cushions and quilts. Wouldn’t mind a washbag either.

You can check out the entire collection at Seraphina online.



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