3 Ways To Win with The Collective Suckies


Great news Suckies lovers, The Collective have 3 ways for you to win when it comes to your well-being.

The have launched a new flavour, they have reduced The Collective Suckies sugar content AND you can win a bike each month.

The Collective Suckies range is for kids over six months of age and are a hassle-free snack that you can take pretty much anywhere. I give them to Bee in the morning, after she has eaten her breakfast, if she needs a little something extra to keep her going. We also take them with us when we go to the park or have a short trip around London.

The have a screw on lid which means you can reseal the pouch and save the rest for late. They can also be frozen which makes them a great staple for summer lunch boxes as they will keep the contents cool and thaw out by lunch time.

The Collective Suckies with less sugar The Collective Suckies with less sugar The Collective Suckies with less sugar

A New Banana Flavour

We especially like the Blueberry Suckie in our house but I have a feeling the new banana one (containing banana purée) is becoming a firm favourite with Bee. Bug can’t stomach any dairy, hence she hasn’t tried it.

20% Less Sugar in All The Collective Suckies

The entire The Collective Suckies range now has 20% less sugar which ties in beautifully with their commitment to improve the wellbeing of kids.

Win A ‘Zuped Up Bike’

As part of this initiative, The Collective has partnered with the Brownlee Foundation to launch a national competition for kids. Prizes up for grabs include ‘zuped up bikes’. Check the competition out online at Win A Bike.

The Collective Suckies are available in Strawberry, Raspberry, Peach & Apricot, Blueberry and Banana.

You can find these resealable pouches of natural goodness at most major supermarkets, including Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda and Ocado.


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