3 Essential And Stylish Changing Bags

The only nappy bags you will ever need

The only nappy bags you will ever need

What I learnt soon after having my first child just over 2 years ago is that you really don’t need the latest and greatest changing bag for your baby. In my first few weeks of motherhood, I quickly realised that it was no good lugging something the size of a weekend bag around just to pop out for a cup of coffee or pick up some apples from the store. Pretty soon my designer changing bag was kept for weekends away and I downsized. Now that my second child has just arrived, I have learnt to travel as light as possible when leaving the house. The key is to pack smaller changing bags that are easy to reach when nature calls. I have organised my life into 3 separate changing bags for my girls, depending on who is with me when I leave the house and how long I will be away from home.

1. The Itty Bitty Changing Bag

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The ‘Itty Bitty’ changing bag

IMG_4915 This wallet sized, canvas bag by SewLomax is small enough to fit in any handbag yet has enough space to fit a couple of newborn nappies and a few cotton wool pads. There are times when I am with my youngest daughter (1 month old) and I need to pop out the house for a quick errand or to pick up a coffee and I don’t really need to take a changing bag containing the kitchen sink. All I need is a few nappies for a quick change before I get home, and this is the bag for that job. I can even squeeze in a tube of nipple cream. Score. Check out SewLomax for more of their canvas bags which can fit all sorts of things from lipsticks to tissues to loose change. You will also a range of makeup/beauty bags and a range of cute baby collection.

2. The Bare Essentials Changing Bag

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The ‘Bare Essentials’ changing bag

Nappy bag When I am leaving the house with both my girls, I will pack this bigger changing bag. It contains a portable change mat, wipes and two different sizes of nappies. I have realised that you only need the bare essentials for a nappy change when out and about with kids. Time was that I would cart around the latest nappy changing gear in a big nappy bag when all I really needed was nappies, wipes and something to lay the child down on. I pop this bag into a bigger shoulder bag or underneath the pram so that it is easy to access and take into a bathroom when needed. This bag and change mat were both gifts. The bag is a wash bag from one of my favourite boutiques, Katie & Jo, but it also makes a great nappy bag. The change mat is from Cologne & Cotton and the outer layer is cotton (also comes in blue) and the inner layer is an easy wipe down fabric. 3. The Kitchen Sink Changing Bag

The kitchen sink nappy bag

The ‘Kitchen Sink’ changing bag

This is the bag I take when I know I will be away from home for a good few hours. It will hold the bare essentials nappy bag as well as bottles, dummies, snacks, extra clothes, favourite toys, stickers to bribe the toddler… pretty much the kitchen sink. I love using this Longchamp Le Pliage Neo bag for this purpose because a) The Longchamp is far lighter than most traditional nappy bags and easy to wipe clean/wash; b) This particular Longchamp has a longer shoulder strap (which most of Longchamps do not) and can be slung over the pram’s handle bars; and c) Longchamp bags come in a variety of awesome colours And there you have it, three essential changing bags. Now, if only I could remember to refill them on a regular basis. We have been caught out at lease a couple of times…

xxx TGM xxx

* SewLomax bag was gifted for review, words and thoughts are my own.

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