Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Your other half has just clocked that it’s Mother’s Day this coming Sunday. You have realised this because the kids are asking far to many “what do you want for Mother’s Day?” questions.

So here is a list of some last-minute Mother’s Day gifts to not-so-subtly hint to your kids. Be sure to tell the kids (so they can pass the message along) that these gifts need to be ordered online ASAP to make sure they arrive in time.

Aurora Gigi Bag in Nude

If you don’t have one of these bags in your wardrobe you are seriously missing out. I have two of theses bags and have gifted them to both my sister and sister-in-law. They hold an amazing amount of mummy crap and can take quite a beating without showing much wear. I’m totally in love with the new Nude colour they recently launched.

Aurora London Gigi Bag

Aurora London Gigi Bag £98

Jack & Freda Ear Threaders

I am slightly obsessed with this style of earring at the moment. They are light and easy to wear when running around during the day yet add a splash of glam. These fabulous Jack & Freda Ear Threaders have tassels at the end making them ever so trendy.

Ear threader earrings for mothers day

Jack and Freda Earrings £19.50

Seraphina London Filipa Maxi Dress

If you followed your favourite fashion bloggers’ Insta stories this last week you would have noticed how popular this square neckline is at the moment. Seraphina London’s resort wear is light, soft and super comfortable. Be sure to put this on your Mother’s Day gift list to get your hands on it ahead of your next sunny vacation. It comes in blue and red.

seraphina london goa dress

Seraphina Filipa Dress in Blue £140

Glammrags Soft Hair Ties

It’s all about the mum bun and dry shampoo on the days I just can’t get 5 minutes to myself. These are the only hair ties I use as they don’t snag and pull my hair. They also double up as arm candy. They are available in 8 colour combinations, including many neutrals.

Hair ties for mums

Glammrags Soft Hair Ties £6

Elizabeth Scarlett Palmier Velvet Travel Pouch

I have the scatter cushion version of this small bag and let me tell you, I want to stoke it all day long. It’s 100% real velvet and embroidered with gold thread. Take a look online at the other options which include Jungle Leaves, Pineapples and Bamboo.

Elizabeth scarlett pouch

Elizabeth Scarlett Velvet Pouch £25

So there you have it. A few items that I love from brands I know and support. As you may (or may not) know, Glammrags is my own little brand I launched not so long ago with a great friend of mine.

What else could be added to the list of Mother’s Day gift ideas?