The Collective Suckies | New Blueberry Yoghurt Pouches For Kids

The Collective SuckiesThe Collective Suckies has added yummy Blueberry to its range. The Collective is up there as one of my favourite yogurt brands. I’m the first to admit that I am not a huge yogurt-lover but when I do feel for a yogurt it has to be a proper yogurt. None of this fat-free, sugar-free, fun-free nonsense which is why I would 9 times out of 10 reach for one of The Collective’s tubs of live gourmet yogurt at my local Waitrose. And the yogurt connoisseur in our house, a two-year old who would eat her weight in yogurt if she could, would agree with me.

I recently discovered  The Collective Suckies which are pouches of their yummy yoghurt for kids. They have no bits but have the same yummy goodness as the tubs that I usually purchase. They sent me a fabulous gift pack to mark the launch of their latest flavour, Blueberry, and little miss Bug tucked into two of the pouches within minutes of me opening the pack. They also sent some goodies along for me which was very thoughtful.

The Collective Suckies The Collective Suckies

The Collective Suckies make it easy for mums on the go and you can pop one in your bag as a snack. They come in a variety of flavours: strawberry, tropical, peach, kiwi and now blueberry. I often take one with me to give Bug after nursery in the evenings because it will keep her quiet on the walk home. In summer you can freeze the Suckies so that they will stay chilled for a while.

Best of all, they aren’t full of the junk that sends kids into a frenzy. The Collective states that they are great because:

NO colours • NO artificial flavourings • NO artificial preservatives • NO GM ingredients • Only contains sugar from fruit • Made with whole milk goodness  • Gluten free  • Vegetarian • No pips or bits allowed!

Have your kids tried The Collective Suckies yet?




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