Three Inspiring Instagram Accounts For Toddler Food Ideas

Inspiring Toddler Food IdeasA parent who says their toddler is not a fussy eater is a liar. I haven’t met a toddler who eats absolutely everything put in front of them at meal times. Why would they? Would you eat everything put in front of you if someone else made all the decision regarding your nutritional intake? That’s why I need inspiration for toddler food ideas.

Living With A Fussy Eater

The funny thing is that kids tend to eat a wider variety of foods when seated amongst their peers. They see their friends wolfing down some green beans or a fishcake and think “if he/she is eating it then it must be good”. However, if mum tells me its good for me there is no way I’ll even give it a sniff. Well, that’s the scenario in my house.

As a mum of a toddler, I am conscious of what my little girl shoves in her proverbial pie hole. If given the choice she would survive (barely) on plain pasta, cheese sandwiches and marmite on toast. I’m told she eats a variety of meals at nursery, everything from Thai chicken curry to an assortment of raw vegetables. I have yet to see this with my own eyes and I am not about to invite her class over to our house for mealtimes to make sure she eats a balanced meal.

The Inspiration

Bento boxes for kids are well documented in media today and the best Instagram account in my books is @BentoMonsters. There are some really clever mums (and dads) out there who painstakingly create arts of work only for their kids to gobble them up in minutes. The whole point is for them to be gobbled up but I can’t help thinking that my heart would sink a little seeing such a beautiful creation disappearing like that. Kind of like a sandcastle being stomped on. I know I don’t have the patience to recreate these meals but they are definitely inspirational and helpful to generate my own (simpler) toddler food ideas.

I recently stumbled across a fabulous Instagram account which is full of full of inspirational toddler food ideas. It is aptly named @ToddlerFoodIdeas. Scrolling through the feed you will find brightly coloured organic toddler meals all laid out ever so neatly. The toddler meals are so appealing that I think adults would be inspired to eat the meals. I definitely need to invest in one of those plates too.

I’ve always known about @AnnabelKarmel but now that my dear Instagram friend is her social media manager, I have spent even more time scrolling through the Instagram feed for toddler food ideas. You’ll find a wonderful assortment of toddler food ideas which are fun and colourful. She has also recently launched an app “Essential Guide To Feeding Your Baby and Toddler” which is a bestseller. I can’t wait to try it out when we return to London at the end of August.

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    1. Emma Post author

      Hi Kawn,

      It is an absolute pleasure! Thank you for inspiring me. Living with a fussy toddler is tiresome and I need all the help I can get.

      Your food ideas are fantastic and wholesome… Your Instagram page is now a regular go-to for me when I get stuck a meal times.



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