Summer Must-Have: Organic Children Sun Lotion SPF30

IMG_7471School’s out and the summer holiday is here. I have a tube of Organic Children Sun Lotion at our front door and in our changing bag so that there is no excuse for my girls not to have sun protection when playing outside in summer.

Whether you are staying at home or taking a trip abroad, I cannot stress how important it is to lather your little ones in sun lotion. Even the typical overcast days in London (cue eye roll), have high UV rays bouncing around so make sure your kids are well covered.

Organic Children and Organic Babies are lines by the Green People brand and  I have used for quite some time now. I regularly use the Organic Babies collection on my kids because they are pure, natural and free from harsh chemicals. They also have a scent-free range.

The Organic Children Sun Lotion is scent-free, has a high factor of SPF 30 and is water-repellant but non clogging. It’s made up of 78% organic materials. Just as an FYI – all Green People products tell you the percentage of organic materials on the bottle.




Organic Kids Sun Screen Organic Kids Sun Screen

What’s more, 30p from the sale of each 150ml bottle of Organic Children Sun Lotion will be donated to the Marine Conservation Society. It is a UK charity that works to protect our see, shores and wildlife. It can be purchased online in 150ml or a travel-sized 30ml bottle.

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