Restaurant review: Le Pain Quotidien

I’m on mission to find baby-friendly eating establishments that do not resemble McDonalds or a nursery school playground. A welcoming atmosphere, a good coffee and a place to park my buggy is all I ask for.

Le Pain

Today I visited Le Pain Quotidien. These restaurants are scattered throughout London and there are about 23 in total. The menu’s vary somewhat from location to location and have meals from breakfast to dinner including cakes, pastries and tarts (YUM!).

What you need to know

The bread is made daily by artisan bakers using only organic, stone-ground flour.

Le Pain 3

The pastries are also baked fresh every day and our favourite is the flaky almond croissant.

Le Pain 2

The furniture is made from reclaimed wood, which means that they have a green agenda.

They are big on sharing, with a communal table in each establishment and jars of jams and chocolate spreads on each table.

You can buy items from their pantry, such as their own granola, olive oils and honey.

Le Pain 4

Le Pain 4

But the main reason I return again and again to Le Pain Quotidien is because they know how to make a boiled egg. That can’t be difficult, you may say, and I agree. But the number of times I’ve had an egg where the white is runny or it is over-cooked and rubbery makes me want to scream. I like my eggs medium – just 7 minutes – and these guys get it right. Plus I order it with the in-house rye which is toasted. Nom nom nom.

Le Pain 7

Le Pain 8

But how baby-friendly is it?

Le Pain 6

The few locations that I have visited (Parsons Green, Chelsea, Westfield) are spacious enough to fit quite a few mums with push chairs. For example, it has accommodated my NCT group which is 9 mums and 9 babes.

They have high-chairs for tots and the food is healthy and some of it organic so I wouldn’t think twice about taking something off my own plate for my little Bug to nibble on.

They have a baby changing facility in the disabled loo and the loos are kept clean.

What could be improved?

Generally the service is slow, especially with big groups or during peak times. Not ideal if you have a baby/toddler who needs to get out of there asap.


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2 thoughts on “Restaurant review: Le Pain Quotidien

  1. Emma G

    Love a little Le Pain Quotidien- good to know its baba friendly! I’m ordering eggs next time we’re there! Love reading your little entries TGM! x


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