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Sometimes the line between needing and wanting is blurred. So, so, so blurred.

Just recently I found a shop in Mauritius selling the fabulous brightly coloured rubber sandals. They have an assortment of illustrations and patterns on the soles of the sandals, from cats, to flowers, to neon leopard print. The pair that I purchased have deep pink soles adorned with tropical birds and palm leaves. The straps are white and when I wear them you can see the colours of soles peeping through.

They go with absolutely EVERYTHING in my wardrobe, which primarily consists of denim, black, white and blue. To top it off they are sooooooo comfy… I mean I have worn them every single day of my holiday without fail.

So you can see why that fuzzy line between needing and wanting more of these awesome rubber sandals has become blurred beyond belief.

What makes it even harder restrain myself from buying more pairs of these shoes is that they are well-priced AND I walk past the sandal store every time we pop out to the shops for supplies.

The brightly coloured sandals chant “come get me, come get me, come get me” when I am standing at the supermarket checkout because the store selling them is bang opposite where we pay for our groceries. I literally have to take a few deep breaths, count to ten and rush to the car with my grocery bags to avoid purchasing another pair of the sandals which I know I don’t need.

But I still want them. That damn blurred line!

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