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The Glam Mummy Pommade Divine

I love a good lip balm as much as I love a bright nail polish. I’m actually quite stickler when it comes to what I put on my lips because I am always kissing my girls all over their kissable faces. And I want to look glam, of course. Pommade Divine is an excellent lip balm and more…

Dating back to the 18th century and originating in France, Pommade Divine has been used through the centuries by monks, royalty in Europe and even the common peasant. It also made its way across the Atlantic to America in the 1800’s. There were many different branded versions and people even made their own versions of the simple salve/ointment which can be used for a variety of maladies.

Also once known as Nanny’s Magic Ointment it was used in the nurseries of upper class children back in the day, which shows how effective yet gentle it is. It can be used for “dry skin, burns, rashes, itching, cracked nipples, blisters, sunburn and spots. It is made from 100% natural ingredients”.

The Glam Mummy Pommade Divine

The Glam Mummy Pommade Divine

And then all of a sudden it was gone. Former Vogue Editor, Diana Heimann, had used it all her life and as a mum on her 3 sons. Her husband, being a knight in shining armour, did some research and ended up buying the brand for his wife. Diana recently gained the support of Ania Macadam who has worked towards restoring the original recipe to ensure its “authenticity and efficacy”.

Ania says “Pommade Divine is remarkable because it is the only product that has been proven to work for over 300 years. I am excited to bring back this skincare must-have and hope to make Pommade Divine a household name once again.”

You can find nature’s remedy balm at Pommade Divine online, at Liberty London and Cult Beauty.



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