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Pines and Needles

Nothing quite says “Christmas is here!” like a friendly chap in a Santa hat carrying the most enormous Christmas tree into your home. Pines and Needles sent us a glorious Christmas tree a few days before the start of December and the whole family has been excited since it’s arrival because it is our first family Christmas tree.

Almost every Christmas we fly down South to warmer weather and celebrate Christmas with out family back home in South Africa. This year, we decided to stay in London and celebrate Christmas in our own home. Bug has just turned two and is beginning to grasp the whole “Kiss-Miss” thing and there is nothing better to kick off the whole festive season than the biggest Christmas tree that we could fit in our house.

Pines and Needles


Pines and Needles Pines and Needles

I bought bags of decorations in silver and gold and the two of us spent a good hour dressing the tree (well I kept replacing whatever it was that she was pulling off). Despite having bags of decorations, it was looking a bit sparse so we threw on two boxes of crackers. Finally she lost interest and all the decorations remained on the tree, that is until the next time she walked past it.

Pines and Needles provided us with a brilliant Christmas tree to have in a house with kids because it is a non drop tree which saves me the hassle of sweeping under the tree each day and I don’t have to worry about pines ending up in Bug’s mouth. Also, the pines are not sharp which made decorating the tree a breeze – well, not really, because she kept taking the decorations off the tree and saying “Oh no mummy, oh no!”.¬†I keep finding gold and silver bells scattered around the house but hey-ho that’s life with a toddler.

Pines and Needles

Pines and Needles

They also sent two mini tree’s which are delightful. I potted them in some white pots I had lying around and decorated them with tiny baubles and gold coins.

Take a look at Pines and Needles Рthey have indoor, outdoor and artificial trees. They even provide decorated Christmas trees and offer nationwide delivery.

* Pines and Needles gifted the Christmas tree. Words and opinions are my own.


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