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Petal & Cycle

I’m having one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?!?” moments, thanks Richa Ballah who is the founder of Petal & Cycle. She recently launched the environmentally-friendly flower delivery service that will deliver flowers to your door (or a lucky someone) within 90 minutes.

The Petal & Cycle website is really easy to navigate, with a four vibrant bouquet options to choose from each month. You select your bouquet (each are named and have a special meaning), go to checkout and hey presto it will be delivered by bicycle within 90 minutes. Also, there is no added delivery fee.

Petal & Cycle

Friendliest Delivery Guy On a Bike

Petal & Cycle

Richa kindly sent me The Mimsee bouquet which in the language of flowers apparently represents ‘joy’. And boy, this bouquet really does brighten up a gloomy, cold, wet day like today. An hour after confirming my order, my beautiful bunch of blooms was delivered by the friendliest guy who was so concerned about my bare feet on the wet pavement as I took his picture.

I love the contrast of the orange pincushion protea’s with my navy blue office walls. In fact, the pincushion protea is one of my favourite flowers because apart from their obvious beauty, they come from my homeland South Africa and they last (almost) forever in a vase.

Petal & Cycle

Pincushion Proteas – One of My Favourite Flowers

Petal & Cycle

Richa Bhalla’s says that Petal & Cycle was “started to reinvigorate traditional flower gifting practices by creating bold bouquets to encourage people to “send a REAL message” instead of hiding behind innocuous text messages and other more passive forms of communication.”

With Valentines Day around the corner, Petal & Cycle is a great option that won’t cost the earth. The bouquet’s start at £28 and bicycle delivery means that it’s there is no carbon footprint.

Petal & Cycle

The Petal & Cycle Gimble is perfect for Valentine’s Day

Please note that as this is a new (and growing) business and they currently only deliver to central London at the moment. If you have a special request, do get in touch and I’m pretty sure they will do all they can to accommodate it.

Get in touch with Petal & Cycle for fast flower by bicycle.

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