Paola’s BodyBarre | Kicked My Butt into Shape and a Mother’s Day Special

Paolas Body Barre

Paola’s BodyBarre (based in Fulham) is offering a special package for mums to celebrate Mother’s Day this Sunday!

I signed up to Paola’s BodyBarre last October, when my littlest was just 6 weeks old and got the doctor’s sign off. Having just recovered from my second c-section, I knew that building my core was important to getting back in shape but I also knew that I had to do it carefully to protect my stomach muscles.

Despite me feeling like the flabby blob in the corner who couldn’t touch her toes, I told myself that “the only bad workout is the one you didn’t do”. That was just over 4 months ago and the difference I have seen since starting Paola’s BodyBarre is remarkable. Despite taking a long break over Christmas and time off for a bug that was going around, I have been training with Paola in her Body Barre classes four times a week.

Paolas Body Barre Paolas Body Barre

I find each class a challenge due to Paola switching up the exercises and pushing you as far as you can go. At the end of the session (and pretty much throughout the session) I want to collapse in a heap. My muscles aching, my forehead sweating and my body spent!

What keeps me going back to Paola’s BodyBarre for each of these gruelling workouts? I’m now stronger, more supple, more toned and more flexible than my 20 something year old self. And I am now a 31 year old mum of two kids. Enough said.

Oh and Paola is a gem! Each time she shouts “tuck your tummies in” I know its a gentle prod to the person who has just had a baby (ahem, me). As a mum of three herself, Paola is proof that having kids isn’t a reason not to have a six pack (I’m working on it!). Also, she makes SUCH an effort to know each and every person in her class. I can’t actually believe how many names she remembers and I feel like she is the first to point out and praise positive changes in my body.

Paola's Body Barre

Yummy Mummy Paola Di Lanzo

Paolas Body Barre2

Paola’s BodyBarre is currently running a promo for mummies to celebrate Mother’s Day…

£60 for unlimited PBB classes in the 8am and 9am slots every week day. Treat yourself, your mother your sister or your wife! For creche enquiries email

Book on-line now at Paola’s Body Barre.



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    1. Emma Post author

      Paola is amazing and I am so glad that I stumbled upon her studio! I never get bored of the workouts and find that I am always working muscles I never knew I had. Let me know what you think xxx


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