This Cuddledry Apron Towel Is The Best Yet


Cuddledry is a baby bath-time essential. I don’t quite know how I would have kept dry during after bath cuddles without it. The latest addition to the Cuddledry Apron Towel range is the grey/white duo with stunning star border.

The new unisex Cuddledry Apron Towel is great for mums who don’t know what they are expect and have prepared a gender-neutral nursery. My sister is due on Christmas Day this year and hasn’t a clue as to the sex of her babe, so I am gifting her this towel because I know how useful I found it when my kids were so much younger.

I received my Cuddedry towel at a baby shower for my first born, over 4 years ago. Within moments of opening up the towel gift I saw the genius of it. The poppers are attached to a neck piece that mum or dad fasten around their neck so that the towel hangs down to ones knees, like an apron.

stars baby towel

grey and white baby towel Baby towel

When baby’s bath-time is compete, simply scoop baby out of the bath to your chest and cover with the Cuddledry Apron Towel. There is enough towel to cover the baby from head (using the hood part) to toe and keep mum or dad dry.

It became an essential part of our bath-time routine, especially as both Bug and Bee grew out of babyhood and into toddler hood, because we’d wear it whilst they bathed and therefore kept ourselves (mostly) dry.

The new Cuddledry Apron Towel in grey and white stars was recently launched in September 2016.

It is now available along the existing range of colours which include blue/white, oatmeal/white, pink/white and pure white. There is also an organic cotton Cuddledry Apron Towel available in the collection.

Cuddledry also has a range of animal-themed towels for toddlers. We take ours on holiday with us and use it when on the beach or at the pool. The girls get a kick out of pretending to be a leopard when wearing it.

Have you got any of the Cuddledry towels? Let me know what you think below.


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